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Our mission is to support and empower the shift to sustainable business practices by building a community that can be better together.
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Meet Matilda, a French-inspired café and corner store in Mont Albert that uses noissue for their on-brand and sustainable food packaging needs.
A glimpse into &OR Collective, a Montreal-based clothing label, and how they use noissue packaging for a holistic brand experience for customers.
Welcome to the Eco Alliance
A look inside the brand-new Shippy’s, a beloved Southampton institution, and their classic take on sustainable food packaging.
We chatted with Suspension Coffee, a small-batch, family-run coffee roastery, about their recent branding refresh and why they chose noissue for their packaging needs.
Indigo James, an event production brand that delves into crystal elements, shares their use of noissue sustainable packaging for their recent product launch.
A chat with Offe Market, an LA-based off-price retailer of independent fashion brands, about keeping their packaging on-brand and in style with noissue.
A chat with Anyway, a magazine designed for tweens and teens, on their use of noissue packaging to showcase the brand’s fun elements and commitment to sustainability.
Karen Mabon, a London-based fashion label known for its bold and illustrative sleepwear, partners with noissue to create packaging for their limited edition Barbie collection.
Take a trip down to San Luis Obispo’s Sun Day Carwash for a unique car wash experience with a side of coffee paired with noissue packaging!
Apothecary brand Sanaé shares about their carefully curated medical-grade remedies and how they use sustainable packaging to showcase their brand personality.
Portland-based bar-restaurant The Houston Blacklight talks about their out-of-this-world inspiration in both their space and sustainable food packaging.
Shop the Blok, a one-stop shop app for all your needs, focuses on driving brand recognition through the use of high-quality, sustainable packaging.
LIT WIX shares about crafting cleaner and longer-lasting candles packed in branded, high-quality, and sustainable packaging.
A chat with Clean Market, a NYC-based wellness brand, about their journey with noissue sustainable packaging over the years.
Sea Culture, a clothing store in Skaneateles, New York, shares about their sustainable design process and packaging.
Ain’t Nonna’s is a Wollongong-based trattoria serving up fresh Mediterranean food in sustainable food packaging.
Take a look at how NYC's Pop Up Grocer uses noissue products inside their shop!
Somm, an Auckland-based urban cellar door and wine bar, uses noissue to showcase their brand in high-quality, branded packaging without compromising their values.
Meet Graft, a wine shop and bar in Charleston that offers thoughtfully curated wine from sustainable wine producers and uses noissue for their sustainable packaging needs.
CUT Store, a Sully Hills-based shop with a curation of local and international sustainable fashion brands, shares about their use of noissue sustainable packaging.
A chat with Terratela about their innovative fabrics repurposed from food waste and their sustainable packaging journey with noissue.
Poplinen is a Los Angeles-based clothing brand that focuses on sustainability, diversity, and inclusion.
A chat with Rotten about how their low-sugar gummies that are made with real fruit go hand in hand with compostable packaging, and more!
A chat with Terra & Co. about their oral care products that not only use non-toxic ingredients but are packed in sustainable packaging too.
Nour, a small-batch salad dressing brand, shares how they elevate every package with noissue packaging.
Learn how Machine Shop, a Bakery in Philadelphia, uses noissue products
De Lune is a women’s health brand promoting happy and healthy cycles through science-backed products that use sustainable packaging for an elevated customer unboxing experience.
KAMP, a wine shop based in the heart of Silverlake, Los Angeles, shares about making their customer unboxing experience simple yet beautiful with noissue sustainable packaging.
Maple.Bar shares about their nostalgic, 70s-inspired café serving up treats and drinks using on-brand and high-quality sustainable packaging.
We speak to Sammy’s, a café by the Careel Bay, on how they elevate every serving with high-quality, on-brand, and sustainable food packaging.
KOJA, a snack brand that provides simple and healthy food choices, chooses noissue to ensure their packaging is as good for the planet as their products are for you.
A chat with Inro about their innovative rent-before-you-buy approach to fashion sustainability and pairing up with noissue to reflect that in their packaging.
A matcha made in heaven: Maui Matcha, Maui’s first matcha cafe, serves their high-quality matcha drinks and products with noissue’s sustainable packaging!
A chat with Tender Food about their plant-based meat alternatives paired up with eco-friendly packaging for an all-around sustainable food experience.
APOTHEKE is all about celebrating the small moments and finding beauty everywhere. Their packaging embraces these values by surprising and delighting their customers.
Coffee Society Cafe, a women-owned coffee shop, shares about supporting other women-owned businesses through their food and sustainability through their packaging.
A chat with The House of Id on their experiential rental place, vintage market, and use of repurposed and compostable packaging.
Luxury hair care brand Stephen J talks about choosing noissue to keep their sustainable packaging to a minimum without compromising their design vision.
Get to know Still Here, a New York-based denim brand that also dabbles in coffee.
Sunrise, an AI concierge, shares their vision of a future where a sustainable lifestyle is the norm, paired up with noissue, so their products stand out without compromise.
Noble Coffee Roasting, an Oregon-based coffee shop and roastery, stays true to their values of sustainability, from how they source their coffee to shipping out their products using noissue packaging.
Redbrick Coffee, a coffee roaster and shop based in Canberra, shares about their commitment to sustainability through their coffee as well as their packaging.
Basic Blue makes their high-quality and sustainably made wetsuits an instant staple in every ocean lover’s wardrobe and partners up with noissue to reflect those values on their packaging.
Take a peek inside Middle Child, a Philadelphia institution that serves epic sandwiches and delicious breakfast.
In their commitment to honoring the Earth, Slowdance Coffee, a coffee roaster that encourages you to slow down and enjoy a cup of coffee, shares the importance of using sustainable packaging.
Factory 43, a Seattle-based design studio, talks about quality and fun being at the core of their designs and products, and in packaging, they keep it on brand and sustainable with noissue.
Rebekah Lowell, a children’s author and illustrator, shares her love for nature, how she helps conserve it in her own way, one day at a time, and how she reflects her commitment to sustainability through her packaging.
A chat with Café Tres about their family's heritage as bakers, which helped shape their name and the food they serve, and how using sustainable food packaging helps elevate each serving.
Tuckers Sandwiches, a Werribee-based sandwich and coffee shop that is all about good vibes and simplicity, shares how their food presentation reflects that through sustainable packaging.
A look at how Coming Soon, a furniture store and gift shop in NYC, uses custom noissue packaging.
Sustainability For You and Us
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The Eco-Alliance is a growing community of businesses, makers, and brands who choose to utilize sustainable packaging and are committed to being better together. For every order placed, we plant trees in areas in need of reforestation. Membership within the community acknowledges this commitment and can be shared with customers through our Eco-Alliance badge.

Check out what sustainability means to our members by getting to know their businesses and how they’ve incorporated the badge into their messaging. We’re proud that, together, we’re making a difference, one tree at a time.
A talk with Go Go Avocado about their farm-to-table avocado toast bar and how noissue helps elevate every serving with high-quality, sustainable food packaging.
Land to Sea, a café based in Brooklyn, New York, shares about home, community, and culture being at the center of their brand and the inspirations behind their vintage-designed sustainable food packaging.
A chat with Mochi Kids about the hobby that started it all, taking inspiration from their roots, and how noissue has been a staple for years to their plastic-free business.
Kooky Boutique, a polymer clay jewelry brand, talks about all things fun and kooky—the story of how they started, their design inspirations, and turning their packaging dreams into reality with noissue.
Sad Fish Club talks about the inspiration behind the brand, building a community through art, and how choosing to go sustainable in packaging is integral to keeping with their values.
Mommafish, a sushi haven on Whidbey Island, shares their love for Japanese food, how it inspired their packaging design, and their journey from the busy world of the food industry to a slow life surrounded by nature.
A chat with Peche Collective about their passion for creating timeless interior pieces and their use of sustainable packaging that both protects their pieces and wows their customers.
A chat with Perc Coffee about mild and wild times electrified by mild and wild coffees, and further amplified with the vibrant and fun characters on their sustainable food packaging!
One Down Dog, a community-driven yoga and fitness studio, shares about their choice of sustainability and opting for noissue in their packaging needs.
A chat with Fractal Forest about their journey to healing that started it all and how choosing sustainable packaging helps to further their commitment to connecting people and the planet.
Providing their community with all-natural and organic alternatives to everyday products, Natural Supply Co complements their values by choosing noissue for their packaging needs.
A perfect campaign requires the perfect merchandise, and for HURR—an online fashion platform that provides sustainable wardrobe solutions—a branded bag made from sustainable and quality materials is the best way to go!
Solmates shares their journey to creating a sustainable alternative to single-use plastics for sun care products and how, with noissue, they could similarly achieve sustainability for their packaging.
Waverley Mills, known for their sustainable textile production, stays true to their values of circularity and strives to reflect it not only to their products but to their packaging as well.
Good Gold shares about their journey to sustainability from creating the most ethical wedding rings in the world to choosing noissue for their packaging needs.
Burny Wild’s Adventure Sauce, also called “comfort food in a bottle”, gives back comfort to the planet by opting for sustainable packaging for their brand needs.
A chat with AEMBR about their mission to create clean, luxury candles and how noissue helps them achieve that packaging-wise.
A chat with the team at Good Bagels about what it takes to make really good bagels, their branding and store inspirations, and why noissue is a go-to for their food packaging needs.
STORIES Parfums shares the beauty of perfume-making, the journey through it, and how sustainability is involved in every step of the way, including packaging.
Goods that Matter talks about how essential tools in our daily lives can be both accessible and sustainable, and showcases those values in both their products and packaging.
A chat with the team at Kai Bottle about how quality and sustainability go hand in hand in both their drinkware and packaging.
Post Sole Studio shares how their love for shoe-making inspired them to design their own footwear and how noissue packaging adds to the delight of unboxing their timeless pieces.
Recycle Boutique, a vintage store advocating against fast fashion by providing accessible options for your wardrobe and the planet, talks about how noissue perfectly shares their mission.
Newcomer Wines, a community of winemakers and growers, shares their journey to their commitment to sustainability in both winemaking and packaging.
Hiaj, a multidisciplinary creator, fine artist, and home cook, advocates for authentic creative living through recipe cards and easily achieves authenticity through sustainable packaging.
Atelier Solana honors the Earth by pursuing slow fashion in the chaotic midst of fast fashion, and with timeless designs in both clothing and packaging, sustainability plays a huge role.
SPIRAL Botanicals shares about how floristry is an essential part of human connection and artistic expression, and how using sustainable packaging emphasizes their love for the Earth.
How Revel is taking the huge step in destigmatizing mental health problems by creating more accessible tools through an innovative approach to designing packaging.
The Memo, the feel-good parenting and baby destination to help make big decisions easy, and how noissue’s sustainable packaging makes it all the easier to share that sense of community.
We chat to Tanner Mclaughlin the Designer and Creative Director for Gemini Room Seattle on the inspiration behind this chic dining spot! Tanner shares how their food packaging is reflective of their brand, and much more!
How Heilala Vanilla is challenging the perception that vanilla is boring, and how they reflect their community and values through their customer unboxing.
We chat to Andrea Falcon of Springer Pets about innovation and why the use of sustainable packaging is important to their brand!
A chat with Acme Cups on packaging design, and how sustainable packaging can be functional and stylish.
With medical aesthetic treatments and a renewed mindset, Belleza by Vanessa will have you walking confidently in your own skin and celebrating YOU.
Thruhim Clothing makes clothes that will make you proud to wear your faith on your sleeve.
Who knew activewear could be so versatile? SG|SP proves how their sustainably made athleisure outfits can be worn on more occasions than one!
Jumping Jack resells preloved kids' clothes so busy parents can earn and help charities instead of worrying about their kids' outgrown clothes.
Gusto Bread is a panadería orgánica based in California that specializes in delicious pastries packed with culture and mastery, served fresh from the oven!
Simone Fromen is a painter and art teacher for children who aims to make and share art that everyone can relate to.
Mascavado is a cafe based in Adelaide, Australia, that's home to delicious sweet and savoury treats wrapped in pretty, eco-friendly packaging.
Parrotfish is a swimwear brand that cares for the oceans as much as they care about your comfort and style.
Asimi Studio offers 100% recycled sterling silver jewellery that's handcrafted to last forever.
Looking for an emotional support friend in the form of a Dragon? Nina's Dragons' Garden is your go-to!
Non-toxic self-care products that care for the environment as much as they care for your skin, diphy wellness is a holy grail brand you need to get your hands on!
The Cool Food School promotes healthy eating to kids in a way they'd understand and enjoy!
Based in White Rock, BC, and home to delectable plant-based cuisine, Grounds & Greens will make you embrace vegan food and love healthy living.
Ruthisdrawing is a humble online shop that values art, sustainability, and community.
How Napa Valley's Matthiasson Wines uses personxxi.comasters to share the process of making vermouth wine.
Lovely leather accessories from engineered leather wastes, that's Lauren Holloway
The Eco-Alliance is noissue's sustainable packaging coalition that hopes to inspire others to consume consciously and prompt sustainable solutions beyond packaging.
How bakery Flour & Branch uses noissue Packaging to deliver the ultimate in-store and e-commerce experience.
Everyone loves a sweet treat! And Michael's Cookie Jar has just the right menu for all your sweet cravings.
Art as therapy? We love to see it! Oodles of Abi Doodles is a sanctuary for lovers of sharing emotion through art (and cute stationery).
Woofys builds events that make brands stand out with bespoke elements and circular food and beverage packaging.
Encircled provides sustainable clothing for women out and about without compromising style for comfort and sustainability for style.
Online designer marketplace Designer Wardrobe shares how it's used QR code packaging to connect with its community and share its circularity journey.
Sound as Color is a brand that will support your spiritual journey with hand-dyed goods and sound-healing meditation practices.
July 28 is World Nature Conservation Day 2022! Here are five eco-friendly ways to celebrate, and learn more about how you can help in global reforesting through Eco-Alliance's tree planting program.
The Home Maker specialises in personalised wooden keepsakes handmade with love in Auckland, New Zealand.
Gathered In Style is ready to make the event of your dreams a reality with its passion for meaningful connections and making people happy.
Style, comfort, and eco-consciousness—that's what make up Palisade, a California-based fashion brand that puts people and the environment first.
Sans Beast is a PETA-approved and certified brand that produces luxe accessories made cruelty-free and with vegan materials.
Kidswear that comes with matching adult sizes? Yes, please! For Banana Berry, being stylish while taking life less seriously is the way to go!
Need art prints, stickers, or cute greeting cards to send to your loved ones? Orion Studio is the place to be!
Food gifting service Angel Delivery talks us through how to use QR code technology to grow customer love and build an engaged community.
A brand that knows what you deserve, onewith offers swimwear that fits and feels like a dream.
boochacha paves the way for your new healthy obsession: home-brewed Kombucha in cute jars and sustainable packaging!
Hazel Plant Dyed Clothing is an Indonesia-based ethical fashion brand for moms, babies, and Mother Nature!
Avorium is a siblings-owned sustainable stationery shop that offers a rainbow palette of all your workspace necessities!
A design house for customizable linens founded by two best friends on a mission to swap paper towels with sustainable table napkins–that's ATELIER SAUCIER!
Tropical Scandinavia mixes the authenticity of culture and the beauty of art in their collection of colourful home decors with a twist!
that paper joint is a collage studio based in the heart of Melbourne that aims to join people through paper.
Nothing makes artist Laura Coppolaro happier than making fun, colourful artworks and helping save planet earth!
[IM]perfectionists, a business based in Copenhagen, paves the way for slow fashion that's genderless, ageless and size inclusive!
Carrie Goff is an artist that takes 3D embroidery to another level!
Jaffles and coffee? Always! TINY is a small coffee shop in Beechworth, AU, with a massive love for good food and the environment.
Honoring the Earth includes becoming more sustainable across all aspects of a business. Here’s how Spoonflower creates a conscious customer experience for Earth Day and beyond through sustainable packaging!
Julie Sofie Art will make you feel warm and cozy with illustrations that remind you how beautiful life is!
A bakery that makes delectable desserts and delivers them straight to you in circular packaging, Soft Dough Co might just be the bakery of your dreams!
An artist based in Berlin, Germany, Viktoria gives a whole new meaning to nature in art with her fun colourful pieces that give back to Mother Earth!
Need some ideas on how to celebrate Earth Day as a small business? Here are some ways to champion the environment on Earth Day 2022 and beyond.
Avail Knit is a Texas-based online shop that sells perfect little knitted gifts and donates to children's charities. A win-win business everyone should get behind!
A homeware shop for those looking to brighten their spaces with gorgeous handcrafted pillows wrapped in equally beautiful circular packaging!
A New Zealand-based flower shop that puts the earth first, Sundays Child Florist combines aesthetic and circularity in all their charming floral arrangements!
The Atelierista of Love is an Australia-based clay accessories brand that aims to inspire people to take risks and experiment to find or rediscover their hidden talents and creativity.
For Valentine’s Day 2022, Farm Rio won hearts with custom, sustainable gift wrapping from noissue! Here’s a look at the partnership behind their limited edition, eco-friendly tissue paper and packaging.
Based in Australia, Gypsy Carmen is a florist with a mission to make art from nature with beautiful, earth-friendly floral arrangements!
Based in Switzerland, Natalie Born is a fashion designer turned artist and designer whose creations help you feel less alone.
Bathing Boomers is a Canada-based sustainable swimwear line creating swimwear made by older women, for older women.
Australia-based brand Muddy Paws creates adorable accessories and toys for your pup that turn the charm up several notches!
Through her art, Abigail E. Penner aims to remind people that they aren’t struggling alone with their feelings.
Based in Australia, Biocasa offers everything you need to live sustainable lifestyles, one small switch at a time!
Based in the UK, The Final Lap creates high-quality sportswear made from recycled fabric that lets you be your best self at any workout or training session.
BearWolfOwl Designs is an Oregon-based small biz creating prints, stickers, and wood signs that liven up any home.
Based in London, Muni Studio creates unique, eccentric ceramics that are worth treasuring.
Carry adorable characters and relevant messages everywhere you go on CrayonKiddo’s cute stationery and accessories.
Based in Texas, Mallow Love creates handcrafted, long-lasting clay jewelry that’s all about love and positivity!
From yummy sprinkled creatures to scrumptious holiday designs, Iconicake is out here maximizing its very own creative potential!
Fresh Picked Designs is a small business with a big love for unique handcrafted items.
Rooted in the Danish concept hygge, The Cosy Box aims to bring comfort and coziness to everyone’s homes.
Australia-based candle business, Le Papier Raffiné, reminds you it's okay to have things your way.
Based in Washington, Single Sploot creates cute and functional corgi-inspired stationery that’s guaranteed to spark joy.
From classic American-inspired doughnuts to gluten-free and vegan options, Doughnut Time UK has a ginormous treat for everyone!
Brooklyn-based illustrator Gaby Verdooren encourages everyone who receives her art to get lost in each of its concepts and feel comfort in each of its worlds.
CEO Intimates is a sustainable California-based loungewear and pajama brand designed for breast cancer patients, but made for all women.
Start your new year more sustainably with For Days and noissue! Check out For Days’ #SustainabilityStarterKits featuring conscious, custom branded packaging by noissue.
Rosewood Jewelry is a proud small business that aims to inspire its community to feel beautiful inside and out.
Shree Summerlin gives cozy a new meaning through her minimalist candles that can make all your senses slow dance in delight!
Based in Canada, Nicole and Louise offers dainty minimalist jewelry that could go with anything and are perfect for just about everyone!
From coffee and tea to local art exhibitions, Elixir Coffee is every café aficionado’s place to be!
Based in Canada, Legend of Tamar turns creative passion into an artistic and earth-friendly brand that offers beautiful, storybook-inspired prints and stickers.
Based in Georgia, Drainbowland creates nostalgic accessories that bring back the playfulness of youth.
Rubinski Works is a small business of wearable art that explores the heritage of Anishinaabe and Scandinavian beadwork and metal artist Madison Holler.
Pimpupyourplants offers planters and other homeware hand-painted with unique and colorful patterns!
An illustrator with a heart for art and the environment, Ines Lopes gives us a taste of her positive energy through her cute digital art illustrations.
Based in Australia, John and Luna creates fine handcrafted jewelry pieces that are made to last for generations.
California-based brand Binamade creates ceramic homeware pieces that turn up the charm several notches.
Seeing the need for light affordable hiking gear, French Light Outdoor offers just what every thru-hiker needs for their longest trails.
Sydney-based eatery Fika Swedish Kitchen dreams of sharing their beloved patisserie and coffee culture to the locals down under and to the world.
Inspired by the different places she’s visited, Saskia wants to connect people with her DIY jewelry-making kits containing beads from all over the world.
A Slovenia-based shop for fun and meaningful To-Do Lists that you can accomplish with family and friends that help you live life to the fullest!
Based in Florida, Hot Tots creates innovative, ethically-made outdoor clothing for kids that protects from sun damage.
Based in Germany, About To Begin creates handmade minimalist ceramic homewares that add elegance to your home.
From colorful mugs to minimalist candle holders, RM Ceramics has a unique piece for every space.
With Funny Face Bakery’s incredible attention to detail, we wouldn’t be surprised if these cookies would quickly become crowd favorites!
Based in Toronto, Canada, Post Design Collective specializes in restoring vintage furniture and putting them up for rent or sale.
Pals Socks is a brand that aims to teach children the importance of accepting differences with their mismatched socks.
Based in Minnesota, Sun Milk is your go-to for all the plant-themed accessories and gifts for all the plant lovers in your life.
Based in Portugal, SIZ is an ethical fashion brand run by twin sisters who create nature-inspired collections, while championing circularity in the fashion industry.
Nea Valdivia is an Australia-based illustrator and watercolor artist who creates personalized art, while staying kind to the earth.
With good intentions, care, and hope in mind, jewelry brand Intuitive Metals wants its products to empower those who wear them.
Born out of creative pursuit in lockdown, rosa offers all sorts of accessories that add pops of color to your overall ‘fits.
From general plumbing, maintenance, and repair to renovations and hot water systems, Positive Plumbing QLD aims to provide an efficient and reliable service while also giving back to the community!
From animal doodles and K-drama fan art to relatable Filipino sayings, Hello Julibee has a piece of art for everyone!
Based in Canada, The Renewable Box curates earth-friendly items for anyone looking to start living a more sustainable lifestyle.
Based in California, KAAVIA creates unique, circular couture inspired by South Asian fashion and made for long-term use.
Ring in the holidays with your best look by beauty brand Credo and noissue, featuring a special Tissue design that’ll dazzle from under the tree!
Based in Ireland, Lieberpink creates the most charming pink-themed illustrations and stationery that’ll brighten up any space!
With their love for the ocean, Beluga Bath Co. dedicates its products and its profits to ethical self-care and whale conservation efforts.
Hygiene brand Touchland and noissue have come together to create custom holiday packaging for the 12 Days of Touchland campaign. Here's all the details on the collaboration.
From classic macarons to unique treats made out of excess cuts, Macaron de Jayne makes sure that all things delicious will never go to waste.
Seeking Hana’s cute and creative stationery is the perfect motivational addition to your workspace or study area!
Jewelry that will complete any outfit, Celeste Pieces aims to provide classy, minimalist accessories that make you shine brighter than the rest.
Inland Sea is a UK-based fashion line that uses seaweed fibre to create cool shirts and help combat the climate crisis.
Stars and Sprinkles is a US-based brand creating adorable art and trinkets that’ll spark joy in anyone’s life!
Based in Sweden, EKA creates charming crocheted accessories perfect for cold climates, while being kind to the planet!
It’s ricoandnena’s mission to assure that no kababayan feels left behind with designs inspired by the Philippines!
Jigsaw puzzle company JIGGY and noissue have partnered together on exclusive gifts and packaging for NYC's UrbanSpace Holiday Market. Here's the story behind the collaboration.
Sterling Method aims to promote conscious consumerism by offering premium and ethically sourced home goods crafted by local artisans in Pakistan!
From salads to milkshakes, The Little Kitchen is on a mission to make plant-based dishes craved by everyone!
Brand and Boxed is an online design studio owned by a young artist in South Wales passionate about helping small businesses get their branding together.
Based in Florida, Simplee Dante creates simple and healthy dog treats that provide the very best for your furry friend while being thoughtful to the planet.
Bex Parkin creates beautiful, high-quality stationery from original gouache paintings that celebrate the earth — and protect it, too!
DEMI is a Switzerland-based eco-conscious fashion brand that’s out to make changes in the industry.
Made out of 100% plant-based materials and essential oils, Gracious Candle Co.’s products are perfect for diverse and inspiring people who impact our lives every day!
By inspiring people to choose local and seasonal arrangements, Renko Floral promotes the weird, strange, and common plants that often go unnoticed.
You can never go wrong with an all-natural, freshly baked cookie – especially if it’s made with love and little stories!
Based in Australia, Hemp Collective creates bath and beauty products made from hemp that have sustainability and well-being at their core.
Love can mend the broken--and this goes for clothes and accessories too! Virginia Collective is a vintage store that gives old clothes new life.
Dinah Smutny creates minimalist designs and illustrations that have sustainability built at their core.
Wholesome Truth is a California-based business that creates wearable art celebrating kindness, positivity, and faith.
Don't take down your Christmas stockings just yet, as Christmas Laurel & Co. aims to spread the festive joy and spirit all year round!
Swimwear from KalonKini is made from regenerated nylon that’s designed to last longer, protect your skin, and be extremely comfortable to wear for any occasion!
An online shop that cares for the planet, Lafortune General Store carries everyday essentials made sustainable.
Beauty Balm offers products that aren’t irritating or abrasive to the skin using earth-friendly ingredients.
“Cara wanted a logo and branding that has a hand drawn feel as her products are all formed by hand and not on a wheel. So I went with creating the whole, hand drawn design elements bundle and textures on my iPad. This created an organic and unique look for her brand." - Zainab
Sustainabags is an Australia-based company creating earth-friendly items that are a perfect starting point to a sustainable lifestyle.
The Tiny Vegan offers earth-friendly, vegan tattoos for anyone looking to start a more sustainable lifestyle.
In the current age of single-use plastics and mass production, Honest Wolf seeks to make wool the sustainable go-to fiber in the luggage and accessories industry.
In an industry where sustainability is close to absent, Align Slimes changes things up by incorporating earth-friendly materials into slime.
Celuna Jewelry’s founder Yomna expresses her creativity with various styles inspired by nature and celestial bodies.
After all, fish are friends, not food!
Kacey teaches bodywork that helps you give your body the love it deserves, so it can give its 100% in return.
Box’d Night In curates subscription boxes of everything you need for a fun, memorable date night right at home.
Hello Lassie curates gorgeously-wrapped gift boxes for the women in your life, no matter what occasion.
It’s Beeswax Wraps Australia’s mission to reduce our dependency on single-use plastics through their reusable and compostable food wraps.
NIDRA strongly believes that no one should have to compromise comfort and design to be sustainable and vice versa!
From hanging wall art to accessories and homeware, Hang The Plants offers unique custom pieces that can last a lifetime.
Perth-based coffee shop and bakery that's run by good people who value good coffee, good food, and good times!
Earth Day should be every day! And with Kayla's commitment to sustainability through her art and packaging, it's possible.
"I could see the submark and icon logo variations, confetti and star elements working really well as a pattern printed on the tissue. After some playing around with positioning and colour, I had created a pattern we were both so happy with and sent it off for printing." - Shelbi
Kalani + Wolf is a sustainable fashion brand with a mission to champion inclusivity throughout the industry.
Ed Dingli is a Portugal-based illustrator who creates work with meaning, and hopes to make the planet a better place.
Sir Cadian provides stylish loungewear without compromising comfort and their commitment to sustainability.
SoulCure Interiors aims to brighten living spaces with soulful and sustainable interior design, home styling, and decor.
Nobody likes wasting products and splurging on expensive skincare that’s also harmful to the environment. Delta Mei offers simple and earth-friendly products that don’t compromise the quality of its ingredients.
Coco Gems are decadent little truffles crafted fresh in a New Zealand-based kitchen and created through dreaming big and taking a leap of faith.
Ameera is a sustainable modest fashion line that empowers women to give their 100% without sacrificing style or values.
Kumakun Studio is where you’ll find all adorable stationery and charms with original art that you’ll definitely relate to.
Bee Kind creates sustainable and beautiful food wraps and other homeware to help you lead a more earth-friendly lifestyle.
Kat John is an authentic life coach who keeps it real, while extending her kindness to the planet.
Each piece at Myles The Label is handmade sustainably by Emilie with proceeds going to mental health organizations.
Kalocollection creates clothes for nursing moms that can be worn anywhere, even after breastfeeding.
KAUREUM creates custom, lasting pieces that you can wear on a daily basis without breaking the bank!
Bright Side is a small business born out of a love for spreading positivity and good vibes!
Desert River Soaps is a small business that aims to rid the world of harmful chemicals, one vegan soap at a time.
AdiShakti Essence creates kind, natural skincare that leaves no harm on your skin or on the planet.
Sarah Klein Santa Cruz creates beautifully illustrated home textiles that are kind to the earth, and give back to local communities.
The Holiday rush is just around the corner and our small biz friends spill all the tips and tricks that they rely on to finish the year strong!
Whether to simplify life at home or to lighten the load when traveling, ZoeGoes is designed with comfort, function, style, and the planet in mind.
Inspired by vintage fashion trends and objects, CHAOS by Ariel combines these elements with their designer Ariel’s personal style.
From pastries with velcro interchangeable toppings to pieces that scream “I Am The Gift,” every hat at Elleni the Label just screams main character energy!
A brand that was inspired by plastic-free July in 2018 that sources ingredients and serves food treats, plastic-free. All items used in their cookie and brownie boxes are fully recyclable.
Icka is a fashion textile designer turned creative business owner who's based in London and loves the idea of creating her own visual language through fun, colorful prints.
Happy Sad Studio creates whimsical art that encourages people to embrace the good, the bad, and everything in between.
Babyverse is an online store based in Hong Kong that curates all kinds of pre-loved clothes for your babies.
Based in the Netherlands, Earthastic deeply thinks about what products can add value to their customers’ lives and can benefit the environment at the same time.
Poppy is a jewelry brand that aims to create a community where people feel loved, seen, and worthy through their products and packaging.
NTS is a Vancouver-based bakery and cafe with a name that pays homage to co-founders' South African upbringing, and a vision to always be a welcoming space that serves great meals.
Australia-based pet accessories brand, BOIS the Label, values inclusivity, and sustainability.
FD Market is a sustainable goods shop and zero-waste refillery that aims to create a future where sustainable living is more accessible.
Holly & Co. creates unique and durable pet accessories that are just as cool as your furry companion.
Illustrator and printmaker Talina’s art prints are meant to soothe your soul—while staying sustainable, too!
Clean beauty brand Credo Beauty and noissue have come together to create an eco-friendly packaging experience for the Credo For Change program. Here's the inside scoop behind the partnership.
Based in Australia, Templ Activewear is a locally-owned athletic brand that gives back to the environment.
Based in Los Angeles, Cheery Human Studios pairs uplifting art with sustainable packaging and a tree-planting initiative that customers can participate in.
Lennon Jane Co. is a small business that makes silk hair accessories "for every type of hair day.”
Dave's Coffee is a Rhode Island-based coffee shop and roastery that takes pride in its fresh brewed coffee and scratched baked pastries.
New Zealand-based marketplace for homeware and accessories, handmade and locally produced just for you!
David’s carefully crafted and sustainably made candles bring the natural beauty of California to your home.
The Totally Co.’s fun tote bags are the perfect switch for anyone looking to start a more sustainable lifestyle.
“Workwear does not have to be boring, and Three by Zito creates pieces that are different and a breath of fresh air.” Tzipora, founder and designer behind Three by Zito
The Wrap is noissue's digital publication where we profile the incredible people within our communities. In this episode of Armchair FAQs, Ben explained how to get your brand featured on The Wrap.
Kitto.Label aims to offer the most comfortable clothing to kids that can be kept in the loop for as long as possible without being restricted to any gender.
A visit to Blondies & Co. Salon is all you need to feel your most confident while staying as sustainable as possible!
The Happy Donut Bakery believes that vegan food can be just as delicious and flavorful as its non-vegan counterparts.
Barks in Boro is a women-owned brand with all the coolest pet accessories you need for your furry friend!
While noissue prides itself on being small business friendly by offering low minimum order quantities, we welcome bigger businesses into our fold, too! Here's everything you need to know about becoming a Plus Partner.
"I am a HUGE nerd for branded tissue paper. It’s such a fun way to introduce a brand and create a feeling before the customer even gets to what’s inside the box and I couldn't wait to help create that little moment for Iconic Cocktail customers.” - Lauren
With The Butterfly Scar Project, Dana encourages cancer survivors like herself to live and move forward with courage.
From ethically sourced materials to empowering local designers, here’s how Sophie Darling Boutique checks all the bases of a sustainable business.
freckl studio combines minimalism and sustainability to encourage prioritizing quality over quantity.
Ever After Boutique offers fashionable pieces to suit any taste and style, as well as a personalized shopping experience that caters to your needs.
Wild Brush is on a mission to create gear as beautiful as each adventure you embark on in the most sustainable and inclusive way possible!
Miller + Baker is a traditional bakery based in Perth, Australia, that serves delicious sourdough loaves made with freshly milled flour.
Mon Pitou is a "3 in 1" French specialty food store based in British Columbia that offers delicious food and an inspiring backstory.
As an illustrator, Conor Nolan interprets the world in his own unique visual language—and helps care for it, too.
With LZOriginals, Laine creates a world of cute, whimsical, and charming stationery and art.
French Freelance Illustrator Clotilde shares bits of coziness, sweetness, and inspiration through The Greenery Factory.
Conscious Concept Apparel provides an alternative to fast fashion and shows that sustainable athleisure can be stylish too!
From their refillable program to door-to-door service, Precycle Pantry is all about making it easier for customers to go sustainable.
Heal Wellness is a café that aims to help the environment through its colorful plant-based foods and sustainable packaging.
Bandicute is a kids clothing company based in NSW that cares for wildlife and fun prints—perfect for celebrating Australian life!
Faith-based brand Olive and Eden Co. is all about spreading kindness—to people, and to the earth!
With Hay Design Co., Haley hopes to make the world a happier place to live in through her vibrant and beautiful designs.
Crushed Wines is just the place for wine enthusiasts who want to extend a helping hand to ethical winemakers and their communities.
Unhurried Childhood encourages parents to make eco-conscious decisions that let their kids be kids no matter how messy it gets.
JOHI proudly celebrates home and identity by taking on interdisciplinary projects utilizing sustainable materials.
Crown + Collar is a Canada-based hair accessories shop that has perfected scrunchies for maintaining the beauty of wavy and curly hair.
The Pastry Project is a community workshop that provides free baking and pastry training to everyone with barriers to education and opportunity in the industry.
Anna is the artist behind forn Studio, who creates her own mark in contemporary art, while caring for the planet.
Have you ever longed for baby clothing that could somehow adjust and grow right alongside your little one? Moosey Moose has just the answer.
From creating cute art to supporting mental health organizations, Simple Things proudly involves their advocacy in their work
Vere, the owner of De Veertjeskoningin, was driven by their love for the wilderness to create jewellery out of what was once seen as waste.
If you’re into Halloween, drag queens, tattoo culture, and pop culture with a twist of a bright aesthetic, Rotten Flamingos is absolutely the brand for you.
Pimp My Spud is a Sydney-based mobile food van serving mouth-watering sweet potatoes topped with unique combinations of healthy ingredients and served in sustainable, food-safe packaging.
TO YOU Jewelry is a brand new fine jewelry brand that values empowering and inspiring women and giving back to the planet.
Sustainable travel wear brand NxTSTOP and noissue have teamed up to lighten their impact on the world through packaging.
Maison Soleil is your go-to store for all things fashionable, sustainable, and fair trade.
Chalke Valley Soaps offers carefully handcrafted soaps and bathroom essentials that are kind to your skin and to the earth.
Based in the United States, Bigfoot Kick aims to support and protect animal habitats by releasing small batch collections of apparel designed by local artists.
Based in Melbourne, Sourdough Mate aims to promote healthier and more digestible bread by making the traditional craft of bread making more accessible.
Together with making cute wooden art, Hoyeon Choi believes it’s about time that more business owners start making more eco-conscious decisions.
Lolaknitshop’s colorful and eye-catching knitted bags are crafted with sustainability at their very core.
Families can rent fun and educational toy kits and send them back when their kids are done playing with them.
Azalea’s calligraphy adds the little details you need to create the perfect occasion to remember!
Fifty Shades of Designs offers that one missing piece every makeup lover needs to complete their beauty routine!
Following ancient Turkish tradition and gaining the trust of the artisans, each towel is ethically crafted with sustainable textiles.
Studio Petit à Petit’s mission is to promote a thoughtful language of giving while touching lives through beautifully written words and designs.
Dolce Vita is a family-owned business that pays homage to its Peruvian heritage by bringing these sweet treats to the UK.
Megan MacWhirter’s playful ceramic accessories are instant mood-lifters, while simultaneously being kind to the earth!
Etherea Swim founder Kimmerlee aims to redefine swimwear by making it better for the planet and for everyone who wears them.
Koze the Label has all you need in outerwear — classic, cozy, and prioritizes sustainability!
No matter what age, you’ll definitely find cheer and joy in Eliott Bulpett’s vibrant art!
Each piece was created with a story in mind and it makes Priscilla happy to send it off to where it can inspire and cheer up someone else.
Reusing, recycling, and reworking are what Sunworn Vintage is all about and you can see that in the garments and accessories that they create.
Ploynita aims to share the joy and comfort she found in the beauty and delicacy of these desserts.
Support female artists and global reforestation initiatives by finding that missing puzzle piece.
Victoria, the owner of The Scenic Route, believes that producing consciously should be a priority for every small business.
"While our circular model is inherently "sustainable" we know that we can improve and that's also part of our definition of sustainability — continuous improvement to get better." Tara, founder of Romp + Tumble
"This brings an addition to my eco-responsible approach, a sort of guarantee and affirmation of my commitment to nature." Gaelle, owner of LittlesOtters
"While I have worked with many materials over the years, I have always wanted my art practice to be more sustainable." Homeware artist Annelies Cullen
"Knowing that trees are planted every time I order with you is just a big win and it's good to have a shared goal." Freelance Illustrator Jacqueline Colley
"It makes me proud to showcase my products with materials I know are sourced mindfully." Danielle, owner of Just Baked Cupcakes
"If we make small changes to things like the packaging we use, it can make a huge difference to the environment." Nick and Rob, owners of Geeky Blinders
Minerva GM is a Mexico-based illustrator who takes inspiration from nature — and helps protect it, too.
"Our mission is to use basic preservation techniques and seasonal produce to create small batches of delicious chutneys, relishes and pickles." Harry and Fi, owners of The Last Jar
"We are committed to recycling, upcycling, and increasing sustainability in our packaging and business practices." Nikoi, founder of krishna's butter
Zagani Home offers all the things and help you need to brighten up any home and space, while taking steps to protect the environment.
Hood Vintage's founder Daniel shares how he and his team are committed to running their business as ethically and sustainably as possible.
"If you get the branding of your business right, I believe you [will] stand out in a customer's mind..." Emily, founder of Whip & Whisk Cakery
"All small businesses that are run by a single person is harder than it looks and everyone deserves praise for even just keeping the business going," Andie Solar Founder of Myra and Jean
"I want to be as kind to the earth as I can in my business. This planet is something we all have in common and it’s something we simply can’t afford to take for granted."
"Our world is changing and the way we make our choices needs to change with it." Creator of Green Gaea
"I am a planet lover and so is my brand. I think that with small actions we all can make a difference." Cristina, owner of Hoops and Expectations
"Here at Rareform we’re in the business of change, transforming something used into something new-ish." - Megan Frentzel, Brand Manager
"Giving people that warm, friendly, but at the same time professional feeling is my goal." Freelance illustrator Cagla Zimmerman
With their belief in the power of purchasing meaningful pieces, sustainability was a choice that their designer made ever since she started La Que Sabe.
"I love knowing the paper is food safe when it meets my cookies, and it is eco-friendly when disposed of." Chelsea, owner of Pink Lemon Cookies
"RAZE is my contribution towards a brighter fashion future [...]" Shan, Owner of Raze
"My mission is to be a transparent, sustainable fashion label that empowers women to wear clothing that supports their values," Teshani, Founder of Luna and Sun
"For these designs, we wanted to highlight the Fabrik staple print of gingham - it is a timeless print that encompasses our brand. The colour palette needed to be neutral to tie in well with the range of colour garments we ship out." - Rachel
Fashion brand Maggie Marilyn and noissue have come together to create a lighter footprint on the planet. Here's why customers can't get enough of the custom, sustainable newsletters and tote bags.
Silk Space Clinic provides skincare services that go beyond skin-deep, while ensuring a focus on sustainability and ethical values.
"Street Grandma is a brand dedicated to bold designs on functional items using sustainable and ethical practices." Founders of Street Grandma
"Every brand should be conscious of the impact they make on the environment and the people around us." Jools, founder of Indie Stories
"Not only do I want to protect the environment, but as a consumer, I want my products to get as much use as possible." Zoe, founder of Zoe Kathryn Candle Co.
"I offer a sustainable, high quality product which is an alternative to the many microfibre towels available." Karen, owner of Good Wash Day
"I make food to share a moment of joy in everyday life." Ai, founder of ChefAi.LA
"Jars of Dust is founded on values such as humility and genuinely putting others before ourselves. While doing everything in our power to make anyone that walks thru our doors or purchases our products feel seen, known, and valued," Mallorie Terranova, Founder of Jars of Dust
"Nature and the environment have always meant so much to me. I strive to make my packaging as eco-friendly and with as little plastic as possible." Founder of House in the Oak Tree
“I absolutely loved that she not only hand makes her own products, but they are also vegan! Everything that her business stood for was what I looked for in a client, she is also such a sweet person so I knew we would make a great team.” - Natalie
Born Crystals provides magical gifts for your home and space — while giving back to the earth.
"We believe that sustainability in business is a practice that should continually evolve, rather than a process that can be ‘completed’ once." Jo, founder of The Crafty Kit Company
"Each time we return to a place that’s tugged on our heartstrings, we discover something new there, and in us." Kristina, owner of Veni Etiam Photography
"We celebrate diversity and hope [that] everyone can come to our site and find a piece they fall in love with." Sarah, owner of Blair & Co. Jewellery
"The beauty of making something delicious from nothing is magical to me." Raveena, founder of Just Cakes Bakeshop
"We will never produce product just for the sake of producing, we hope to offer the most sustainable line of clothing/apparel that you can find online." James, Founder of King Cockerel Co.
"I want to create unique clothes that feels good on your body, without hurting the planet in the process." Kaja, founder of Murlong Cres
"All of our garments are made with recycled vintage textiles, ensuring that our products are sustainable and contribute to the slow fashion movement." Kristelle, Founder of Hastings Handmade
"We don't see sustainability as an option, it's a requirement." Ryan Shand, founder of SHAND
With Erin Dewey Design, Erin brings her years of experience as an Art Director to creating vivid pattern designs.
The noissue Eco-Alliance is a global community of eco-conscious brands. Want to get involved? Here's how to become a member.
"We live and breathe this lifestyle and wanted our business to do the same." Autumn, founder of The Kind Poppy
"We want mixed people everywhere to know that it is ok to remain in the in-between..." Brittany, founder of Mosaic the Label
"Angel + Hare was born from the intention to bring more love and smiles to the people around us every day." Angela, owner of Angel + Hare
"There are just so many environmental issues nowadays that the least we could do is find ways to take the greener path and more sustainable path in our own little ways." Sunday Folks
"I want customers to be able to purchase pieces handmade out of recycled metals and responsibly sourced stones.” Cath, Creator of Alice's Earth
"We aim to cherish memories through the lens of a more sustainable future.” Karen, creator of Cherish Floral Preservations
"Hospitality is a sensory-based experience." Creators of Avling Kitchen & Brewery
"Each and every one of my products has a piece of my heart and soul in it — so I guess that's the most unique part of them." Shira, owner of Shira.body
"[Gifting is] an act of love and care and I love the idea of being part of that." Alice, owner of Ribbon & Wicker
"We believe that sustainability is a luxury and a privilege." Frenchy and Marchy, co-owners of Lineage House
Peachy Leather spices things up and makes them more fun by proposing vibrant colors to make each product unique.
"Mother Earth is our first mama and I do my best to do my part and inspire others to do the same." Tayla, creator of Akiiwan Beadwork
"We wanted to show that the unboxing experience of an eco-friendly gift box would still delivery aesthetically and bring the same joy to the recipient, if not more." Creators of Little Local Box
"We must care for our mother earth or [else] our own magic will deplete as she does." Ruby, founder and designer behind horoscope heretic
"If someone's having a difficult day and my art makes it better, even just for a while, that's what makes me happy." Freelance illustrator Inês Dinis
Ivy Marie is committed to doing our part in promoting the interests of not only sustainability, but equality." Kelsey, owner of Ivy Marie
"The more you explore and embrace your unique journey, that experience reveals itself in your brand." Ameena, the artist behind Ameena Fareeda Art
"I’m passionate about sustainability and I think we all have a responsibility to lower our environmental footprint." Magda, creator of MLM Brand
"I always like to leave something better than when I arrived and using sustainable methods/packaging is a great way for me to practice this." Elizabeth Sánchez, Owner of The Horsethief
"Being located up here in Te Mata Peak, we are so conscious of our ecological footprint." Haydn and Juliet, founders of The Peak House
"The brand is about seeing potential in people and giving them opportunity." Carrie, creator of Hero Cashmere
"We work with the idea that even the messiest kids can have a capsule wardrobe: fewer pieces, higher quality" Oriana, founder of The Pine Company
"We have a goal to make more slow fashion clothing available in [the] industry..." Zoey, founder of Origin Clothing NZ
Bubble Babez aims to put a bubbly smile on each of her customers' faces with every product.
Matchadou is a Sydney-based home bakery that specializes in pastries revolving around Asian-inspired flavors.
"The idea of every item going out the door harming the environment would be just awful." Dale, Founder of Lantern Cozies.
“I drew a few different images which I had her choose from, to get a better idea of the style she was looking for. I also looked up real photo references as I used all the information she provided me to draw a series of images, from which she chose her favourites." - Natasha
"My goal is to create a line of conscious accessories." Lulu, creator of Silk + Scrunchie
"Our mission is: dog treats made in harmony with nature." - Creators of Botanical Bones
" is really special to see how my customers connect with the pieces." Ashley Massey, owner and designer of Flatwoods Fawn
OÏOÏOÏ baby's clothing rental service allows parents to dress their babies in new and better fitting clothes guilt-free.
V and Co Boutique aims to bring unique home decor pieces to every home while being kind to the environment.
Little Pebbles is a Toronto-based patisserie and coffee shop that takes simple French pastries and gives them a Japanese twist that's too beautiful and yummy not to indulge in.
For thousands of years, we've had a stable, symbiotic relationship with Earth, growing plants to make into clothing. It's time to bring those practices back." Nergiz, Founder of Magi the Label
“The packaging design for the project was loosely inspired by the illustrator Charley Harper and how he captured the natural world. Each product features a super food ingredient that is central to each Botanical Bones recipe and a dog that represents how that treat benefits its health." - Lisa
"Everything I do is hand-crafted by myself and created with intention that infuses every project with the energy that each of my customers need to receive from me at any given time." Vanessa, creator of Bondi Letters
“Our mission is to inspire conservation and educational outreach of sharks and the ocean through use of design and activism.” Cari, founder of Sphyrnas
"Faven is the fruition of my aspiration to provide quality-made products with a minimal footprint." Kayla, owner of Faven
"I believe that sharing art can communicate feelings and ideas where words fall short." Molly, illustrator and owner of her self-titled business.
Booxies aims to enhance every customer's reading experience with every curated box.
"With my brand, I aim to bring a celebration of colour, pattern and floral painting into people's lives." Lucy, creator of Lucy Innes Williams
"I want to create unique clothes that feels good on your body, without hurting the planet in the process." Kaja, founder of Murlong Cres
"Kaitee was the ideal client because she had a vision but she allowed me to move with creative freedom within that vision. After I sent her my first sketch she was over the moon and I began the penning process." - Annabel
A chat with creative visionary and supermom, Jean Choe, on how she dreams big, conquers challenges, and continues to brighten up people's lives with her colorful artworks.
“It’s almost like I'm looking at my business through the lenses of the environment.” Jamaen, creator of BYCOLE
"I believe if everyone took just a few steps like this to help our planet it would be a more beautiful place to live.” Bria, creator of Designed by Bria
"I really wanted to incorporate sustainability into every aspect of this business..." Xana, owner of Glowvine
"...I have grown to creating illustrations that not only depict animals, but give them stories and personalities." Danielle, founder of Danielle Illustrates
“My commitment is to take people on a sensuous culinary journey into plant-based cuisine where culinary art meets ultimate nutrition.” Kanch, creator of La Taula
"By upcycling and reworking secondhand denim, my aim is to save products from landfill -- renewing their lifecycle and bringing them back to the forefront of your wardrobe." Julia, creator of Juiced Denim
“The projects I mostly take on are from small, alike businesses who are needing branding that reflects their creativeness. These are my favourite projects because you are literally bringing their idea (baby) to life for them - by creating branding that represents them as a business." - Keren
"We are realising that success doesn't happen overnight and are celebrating the little wins. We are lucky to have great support from friends, family and the Instagram dog community!" Sarah, Founder of Sew Fetch
We chat with Nathalie Ouederni, a Barcelona-based artist who loves spontaneity, colorful stationery and artworks, and on-brand tissue paper to delight her customers.
"My vision for madewithmochi is to be able to share something new and interesting..." Tuyen, owner of madewithmochi
"My vision is to make bold and beautiful wardrobe essentials to celebrate my customer’s personality..." Rachel, owner of Magpie and Mama
"My vision is to make a significant contribution towards conservation and the future of elephants..." Hayley, founder of Elestration®.
“What inspired me to bake cupcakes instead of other desserts was that cupcakes can be as simple or as complicated as you want them to be.” - Jenny, co-creator of Baked 180
"Sustainability is important to us and our business because we only have one Earth and we need to be mindful of the effects of our actions." Momo and Artemis, creators of Something General Store
“The bee wing in the pattern is echoed in the logo which also hints at a heart and a new shoot. This nods to the care shown for each selected product - where it comes from, the environmental impact and, of course, her customers.” - Chloe
"We have taken a new approach to slower fashion, doing small runs of production, taking less from the environment, adding less back to the environment and in the end giving you more, knowing that when you make a purchase from us, your impact is less but your individuality is more." Nice Martin
"I want to leave this place better than it was handed to me and it starts with the little things; packaging and shipping." Octavia Thorns, Artist
"Custom branding is particularly important to me as it ultimately represents myself and the business." Vanessa, founder of Egg 'n' Whisk
"I want our customers to feel the love and consideration that went into packing their order." Chloé, founder of Talk & Tell
"My brand mission is to make handmade home decor using my original designs." Jeanne McGee, artist and printmaker
"I always wanted customers to feel like a lot of love and thought had gone into their cake or dessert box." Hannah, Creator of The Butcher's Daughter's Cakes
"Our mission is to provide our costumers with original and personalized products for their babies with the maximum respect for the environment.” Patricia, creator of ByMom
“We started off with a call discussing the goals and deliverables of the project and nailing down a desired style and aesthetic. We needed something not only simple and gorgeous, but share-worthy to ensure people would want to post their unboxing experience on social media!" - Michaela
"Don't be scared to be a Jack-of-all-trades, you don't have to be the best at everything but try your best and you'll succeed and find your perfect path or client." Noémie, Founder of Creativity Jungle
"Knowing my eco-promise is helping encourage individuals to shop more sustainably makes me feel happy as I feel I am making a difference!" Olivia, Illustrator of Hey It's OK
"Our goal is to make sure every customer has an amazing experience here at Jetties." Kyle of Jetties Waterfront Kitchen
"We not only want to implement sustainable products in our brand, but also raise awareness among our customers." Maria of Hi Mr. Doggy.
"Unpacking can either be a negative or positive experience and we want to fall on the positive side of that spectrum." Hannah from But First, West
“We pride ourselves in making delicious baked goods from real ingredients that reflect the simplicity of home cooking.” – Rebecca, co-founder of Signorelli Bakery.
“Refills are the ultimate circular solution, keeping packaging in circulation over and over again.” – Emma Lewisham, founder of Emma Lewisham Beauty Products
“Monika reached out to us at StudioKynd and straight away, I knew that it was something that I wanted to be involved with. Her Instagram feed was beautiful, along with her vibe and eye for unique vintage finds." - Niobe
"[...] by purchasing our sandals, you are not only buying beautifully crafted sandals but you are also contributing to preserve the planet and live consciously." Alessandra Wieser, CEO & Founder of Sunies
The Eco-Alliance badge is a way for brands to show they're committed to forging a more responsible path. Here's all the creative ways your business can use it.
OPE Running is a sustainable athleticwear brand committed to creating products that are valued for more than just their price, performance, and aesthetic. Here we get to know more about the brand through founders and husband-wife duo Dallas and Savannah.
"I feel rewarded knowing that my work helps [people] in a way to get through a stressful day." Aenid, owner of Aenid Studio
"I’ve always believed that a business’ branding not only reflects its products, but also the people behind it." Darlynne, owner of Milkie PH.
"I want adults, children to see themselves in these cute characters." Claudia, owner of Hola Mijas Bonitas
“I feel that what we put on our skin is just as important as the food we eat.” – Jassy, founder of Onya’e Naturals.
“Bringing Bottega Bene to life allowed me to combine multiple elements of the human experience I value - spatial design, good food, creative packaging, and above all else, connection to others and the world we live in.” – Blaire Dorin, founder of Bottega Bene.
"Access to and experience in playing around with surface design really allowed me to hone in on an illustration style that works well for both individual drawings and fully illustrated patterns, which are my absolute favorite to draw." - Jessie
"We wanted to be a company with a heart - where we care about the health and wellbeing of not just ourselves and our customers, but the environment as well." Albin Lawang of Pecks Road
"We are responsible for passing down a better future to [our] children and losing no more biodiversity," Zoologia
"As a creative individual who specializes in simple yet bold designs, I have made it my mission to create, inspire, and grow with my work." Brenda, owner of B A Soul
"Sitting down with a good old craft might feel counterproductive, but it is such a therapeutic way to refill your cup." Jille, owner of Art by Jille
"I believe taking the time out of our busy lives to enjoy a creative activity is not only fun, but important for the body and mind to switch off and reset." Paloma, owner of Florals by Blush.
"As we grow, we want to develop content about sustainability through an agricultural lens[...]" - Maude, Founder of The Gentleman Farmer
“Our goal is to encourage people to appreciate life, not just in a personal way, but in a shared way with all life around us.” – Emmanuel, founder of The Good Batch MNL.
“I think her work speaks for itself! I hadn’t actually seen a food business like hers that was just so pretty and unique, so I couldn’t wait to work together. I can also confirm that her grazing boxes are as delicious as they look!” - Lucie
“Beautiful products that have been grown and made with love and care [...] should be presented in a way that shows that you care too.” – Emiko Davies
Michelle Miles of The Sustainable Wedding Alliance breaks down creating a sustainability policy in 3 comprehensive steps.
"At Bonnie & Lilac, we are constantly learning and moving towards better practices." Emiliana, owner of Bonnie & Lilac
"...we work hard to deliver our loyal customers quality and contemporary garments as sustainably as possible." Project Bowman
"When women are economically empowered, the environment is better managed, human-wildlife conflict is reduced, and community member livelihoods are improved." Kimber, founder of kimber elements
"We wanted to have good quality clothing that was sustainably sourced, but not crazy expensive for people to have" Danni & Jessie, founders of This Idea
“I love using texture and color, which has drawn many makers to my work and inspired them to give embroidery a try.” – Melissa, founder of MCreativeJ.
“This project was particularly fun as Susie gives me full reign on the creative direction of the designs. She gave me some starter points and things she would like to include but ultimately she trusted me to put my own spin on the designs." - Katie
"I really just intend to bring the sort of accessories and homeware that I would personally want to life." Claudia, owner of Chunkyresin
“It’s all about re-educating people towards smarter consumption. Showing them different is not only possible but easy to do!” – Denise, founder of Harebell Boutique.
"My work is really personal to me, with imagery taken on trips and adventures and each one holds a real memory for me." Emma of Slater Shoots
"The most important thing is to have fun while creating! I keep telling myself to continue to work and find new ways to get inspired." Fred Lanthier
"My vision is to get great coffee to the community while keeping my impact to a minimum." Gregory, owner of Yama Roasters
"To me, sustainability means recognizing my impact on the planet—both environmentally and economically—and being intentional about that impact." Mac Ford, founder of The Gladdest Thing
“My goal is to give pets and their humans a fashionable way to stay connected.” – Hannah, founder of LollyPops Catwalk.
“Create something that you enjoy making and don’t worry about what others may think.” – PonkyWots founder, Jade.
“The inspiration, theme and colour palette that Kristin shared with me really aligned with the style of work I already do, and once I had a look at the gorgeous products on Tones of Eve’s Instagram page I was sold straight away.“ - India
"I hope to be an example to others on sustainable living." – Lexie, Founder of Hardy Homemade
“With environmental sustainability in both of our backgrounds, we find [it’s] our duty as a business to be conscious of how our actions can affect the planet and actively do something about it.” – Ross and Chris, founders of Cross Cookies.
"It was the way food brings people together that inspired me to start PJ's Kitchen." Zanny, owner of PJ's Kitchen
"For me, it's important to practice sustainability where I can so that I can make a difference and be an example for other small business owners." Amanda, owner of Afakasi Prints
"Sustainability to us means the quality of the products being so present you can both see it, and hear it. It means instruments that last a lifetime, and can be handed down to the next generation." Simply For Strings
"I like to be able to express my love for lingerie and female form via art." Jem of Maidfetish
"I strive to create a kind of mutual relationship with bees, a sort of sensual and spiritual love affair." Emily, founder of Embody Bee
“My favorite part of each project is the beginning stage where we work together to uncover the qualities that make the business unique and stand apart from their competitors. My second favorite part of the design process is launching the new brand and seeing it come to life.” – Stephanie
"I believe a well-thought packaging will connect a brand more with the consumers in creating a fun experience." Fasihah, founder of Captain Gee
"It’s important to shape the present in such a way that a future worth living is possible." Betül, founder of Pastel Atelier
Jen Zuklie, founder of The Swoondle Society talks about striking the balance between leading with sustainability and building an approachable, joyful brand.
"My take on things is to convert most parents to cloth diapers because a baby alone uses a ton of disposable diapers!" Marine, founder of Bopotin
"I think the effects of fast fashion and factory-made objects are finally being realized. I value knowing the origins & impacts of my purchases." Georgia, founder of Maroc the Label
"Make food that you love, that you would pay for. That sounds cliche, but connecting with food is what brings people together." Ian and Courtney of The Stock Pot
My vision is to keep creating candles that can make people happy and relaxed, while also being environmentally conscious." Bell, founder of Arun Soy Candle
"Inspired by today’s digital nomad, we make products that are smart and functional to help streamline any journey, from daily commute to long-haul travels." Antoine, founder and CEO of Side by Side
“When you operate authentically and are true to your values, work is always fun. We are eternally grateful for all the gorgeous women and incredible business owners we get to meet, support, work and succeed with!” - Tina
"I think that I just have too many ideas and too much love of art and design that I have to share it with the world, through the products I create." Mary Sanche
We caught up with Audrey Gater, Seed & Sprout's Head of Marketing, to chat home-composting tips, new product development, and why they launched an online publication.
"I believe in leaving the world better than I found it." Elisabetta, founder of Mesh & Cloth
"Designing a product and seeing people wanting to have one of their own feels so rewarding, and I love seeing my products making people smile." Ella, founder of Quinn's Pins
"I take inspiration from the world around me. So much of my work is pattern-based, and I find inspiration in the little things, especially in nature." Georgie, founder of DrawInk Designs
"As cheesy as it is, we go by the saying of 'when you love what you do, everything else follows' and I'm convinced that's one of the key foundations when starting a business or with anything really," Ana of Kandilá Candle & Co
"untold’s mission is to create meaningful experiences by promoting BIPOC entrepreneurs and their brands to build a more socially and environmentally inclusive economy," Joleen and Jackie of untold
"If you find passion and joy in what you do, do not let any mistakes nor any small tribulation cause you to abandon it. It is important that you love making the art you do more than anything else," Kim, Founder of KTT Studios
“I used the mood board and shiny new logo, brand colors + font pairings, and custom pattern created for her brand identity project along with the Bad Glinda Soap Studio philosophy, to help formulate the packaging strategy and create the overall packaging design." – Shelley
"We wanted to create a great unpacking experience for our customers. Our products are sustainable and reusable, so we also wanted this reflected in the packaging," Daniella, Founder of pēpi collection
"I want to make people aware of the beauty of our land." Andrea, founder of Bleu Carmin
"2020 served up some challenges, but also allowed me to create, and find ways to give to others," Kate Bickford, founder of My Meraki
"Everything you put on your body, your body absorbs, and we want to educate more customers on green beauty so they can live a happier & healthier lifestyle!" Gloss: The Green Beauty Counter
"My vision is to take BASICS from our current startup phase to an equestrian brand that carries a full line of affordable horse wear and size-inclusive equestrian wear." Caroline, founder of BASICS Equestrian
"We’re too small to change the behemoth fashion industry alone, but little brands like mine are collectively moving the needle forward towards sustainable practices and accountability," Angela Wator, founder of Ovette
"...we’re like that one cool history teacher, or cool art teacher you had that wanted to see you succeed, but still connected with you on a level that made you feel like an adult, and not just another 'student'." Dave, co-owner and creative lead at Populace Coffee
“Kate sent across a few initial images of the type of design she was interested in –a minimalist design with muted colours. From here Kate allowed me to have quite a bit of freedom in the design." - Alice
"We truly want to provide items that our customers will want to keep forever (but that won’t stay on the planet forever)," Ad Astra the Label
"The issue of climate change can often feel overwhelming, so we wanted to bring hope and possibility to this important issue in a digestible way." Germantown Laundromat
Meet Louise Ulukaya, founder of Mon Coeur, a brand that creates earth-friendly clothing for kids. Read on to hear how Mon Coeur is bringing sustainable innovation to children's apparel.
"There's so much to be grateful for and so much to do. We have to focus on that and be gentle and kind to ourselves and others!" Ivna Lins
"I wanted all of our packaging to be recyclable and not have a big impact on the environment, because what's the point of having a sustainable business if you’re not truly sustainable." Lauren, founder of Socorro Society
"You simply have to accept the whole process is a learning curve, and there's no arrival point, just a series of shifting goalposts you get better and better at scoring on." Zoe, founder of Art Jiu Jitsu Life
"My vision for Möki is to challenge everyone’s view on body image a little differently from the usual beauty standards the media portrays," Stephanie, Founder of Möki Studios
"...sustainability is far more powerful and transcendent than just a trend of consuming eco-friendly products for the fun of it. It is an understanding that everything in life is not disposable and that we need to care and tend to our surroundings," Kris and Dala of Natūra
"I arranged them in a pattern that really reflected the energy and friendliness of her brand. I sent her a few options to choose from and once she had decided on the final design, I took it to the computer to create a vector version that can be resized for future needs." - Julia
"It's easy to get distracted by what's 'popular' and what someone else is doing, but the best art comes from within," Michelle, Founder of Made by MLO
"I want people to remember opening my boxes. I want all my customers to know I appreciate them buying from me and choosing to shop with me." Fleur, founder of What a Curl Wants
"We believe in elevating comfort by incorporating sustainable products and customization so our customers can feel good about their purchases." Eleven + August
"You have to spend some time creating, you have to disconnect or re-connect to yourself, and at the end, you have a beautiful embroidery art piece that will remind you of your self-care journey." Gabriela, founder of Embroidery School
"We are lucky to live in such an exciting and diverse city, and we hope to show a different side to this through our abstract and colorful screen prints." Underway Studio
"After all, real art does not aim to please, but to make the audience think and has a message, often uncomfortable." Cosima Montavoci, Founder of Sunset Yogurt
"I'm still amazed by what can happen if you just stand still and listen to your heart. People can see the love you feel when making your dreams come true, and want to give you this love back by supporting you," Silvany van Velsen, founder of Illustrations by VLSN
"One thing that is so incredible about the tissue is that the "canvas" to work with is quite large. Because of this, I chose to draw 20+ individual icons representative of the farm life at Stone Hollow." - Kaitlin
"Remember to breathe! Trust, smile and if it feels right in your gut, then go for it - you will never know if you don’t try," Molly Mahon
"We love the Earth, in all its expression. We believe in the Human ability to make with one’s hands, to offer unique handcrafted products." Barabàn Kids
"We feel it is important to be mindful of the environment as much as possible. The world is a beautiful place, and it’s our responsibility to take care of it." Jessica, founder of Amelia & Rose
"...I wanted to bring that sense of joy, and excitement whenever someone used my creative soaps or indulged in a relaxing bath with luxurious bath bombs." Desiree, founder of Lilasuds
"During the pandemic, I have always been on a mission to find the best cookies around the metro and ended up making my own version of my cookies." Dae, founder of Everydae Indulgence
"It's not hard to be different from other artists, when in fact you ARE a different person than everyone else. Every artist has their own style and personality," Skylar Cunningham, founder of Skylar Grace Co.
“Our inspiration really comes from what the client expects from us. We respond to ‘we want something efficient and trustworthy’, or ‘we want something warm and friendly’ with visual ideas. It’s like creating a visual language, in a way." - Maud
"Barney and Sandy and my love of being a dog owner inspire me. I want to help other dog owners enjoy happy, healthy lives with their pets." Michelle, Founder of Scruffy Little Terrier
"We are a natural, compassionate company that cares about your life, your choices, mother earth, and of course, your energy." Amelia, founder of Matcha Nude
"I wanted to make gifting easier for my customers and ensure self-care remains a part of lives moving forward." Carla, founder of Unboxed Gifting
"Discover new supports, exceed your limits, and do not be afraid! Give it 100% in what you love and never back down!" Nina of Nina Spicy
"Having grown up with the sea as my home, I would hate to see it suffer and degrade to the point that my own children wouldn’t get to enjoy it as I did." Ella, founder of Mora Cornwall
"My work has been described as beautifully detailed and kaleidoscopic, with a touch of romance and sophisticated use of colour," Josie Shenoy
"[Lola and I] have a piece called 'Bamboo'. I like this one because it reminds me of something she used to say: Filipinos are like bamboo. Facing a strong wind, we bend. We do not break," Kenneth Tan, founder of Lola x Kenneth Collaboration
“I really liked her mission and vision for her company. She was very passionate in the time of COVID about bringing peace and joy through her products. I love a project that I can be a part of from the ground up. Branding, packaging, photography, and website - we did it all.” - Alyson Brown
"Learning to live more sustainably and contributing to a better future for our children is paramount, both personally and in business," Founders Kat and Mia of Sleeping w. the Enemy
John Michael Fabrizi, Coalatree's Director of Brand Development, shares how the brand prioritizes using sustainable materials, giving back to their community, and getting outside.
"The little steps make a big difference, especially being an online store that sells different products. Those products must be created as sustainably as possible." Rosie, founder of Rosemary Local
"VIEWZ wants to make a change in the world. We want to leave a positive impact, a better world for younger and future generations. " Melissa, co-founder of VIEWZ
"Believe in what you do, deliver it with integrity and have fun." Mike Lawrence, Brand & Marketing Manager of Best Ugly Bagels
"Continuing to send handwritten cards to loved ones is a great way of saying you are important to me and worth my time and effort." Jessica of Jessica Blessica
“I find inspiration in a lot of art and design that I've come across in my travels. It's always inspirational to go through photo albums from trips and find something new. A colour, a pattern, a shape. I also find a lot of inspiration in the lives that my friends and clients live.” - Jadyn Klassen
"My inspiration is creating and being inventive with my products. I am always so excited about all the possibilities that await me," Maria Callara, founder of Lilac Candles
"I refuse to use simple shapes or primary colors because it is for kids. I think they are as prepared as us (or even more) to receive the better we can offer in every instance of their life," Yael Frankel
"Whether it be recycling scraps or choosing biodegradable packaging, every detail counts. We strive to become as sustainable as we possibly can to impact this earth for good." Sofia, founder of Sorbetto
"I want to inspire people to find beauty in simplicity and for my work to be a vessel for meaningful memories that lasts generations." Eve of Evening Ink
"You have to continually rethink your business and adjust to the difficult times we’re living for your business to survive." Laura Pimentel, CEO and Designer for FIORI
We spoke with Design By Emily founder Emily Reynolds about what inspires her award-winning wedding stationery design, her sustainability efforts and more.
"In the long term, I want people to associate sustainable practices with SWF, and to consider us as the best alternative to conventional textile producers. Hopefully, this will inspire other producers to follow suite!" Sophie Williamson, founder of SWF
"It’s really true that a picture speaks a thousand words. There is something raw about sharing stories that helps us better understand ourselves and the world around us," Art-Work Agency
"I believe we can all do our part to be more sustainable and I love finding new ways to be more eco friendly," Brody Bain, founder of Suki Studio
"The beauty of our planet is limitless, and so is our imagination. I jump out of bed each morning excited to see how far, and where this exploration will take me next." Alex, founder of AWOL
"It all starts with us individually, adding up to a collective effort to make an impactful change. I do every bit I can in both my personal life and in business to reduce, reuse and recycle." Wanissa, founder of Dapper Pupper
The team behind Rosso Coffee Roasters shares inspiring insight into their sourcing mentality, the impact of their online presence, and the core values that fuel it all.
"I felt that every aspect of Pâmoison should consider sustainability, even at a higher cost, and therefore a lower profit margin. Being eco is not cheap, but it has a much higher value long term." Denise, founder of Pâmoison
"I personally believe that sustainability is the best way forward—both for us as individuals, and for our businesses—and I’m very happy when I have a possibility to work with people who share the same values," Karolina Król
"Bringing happiness and inspiration to my customers through my products have been and always will be my goal," Sheryl, founder of Mi Blushe
"I want to create a positive alternative in a sea of mass-production – to make individuals consciously think about the number of times they make a purchase vs the amount of wears they have per purchase," Becky, founder of Mr Plum
"We look at everyday things you use and aim to improve them. To help everyone live more sustainably with less environmental impact." Emma, founder of The Green Collective
"The product we built our company on literally is fading away without some sustainable impacts being made on all levels of the supply chain." Thom Bargen
"I started Ikoyi with my best friend, Iré, to put into reality our vision for serving creative, delicious cuisine with our style of warm and detailed hospitality." Jeremy Chan, co-founder of Ikoyi
"By having the courage to let curiosity lead, we create ideas that truly make a difference. For ourselves and for our clients," Alison Garnett, Founder and Creative Director at Field Trip & Co.
"To anyone who wants to start achieving their dream but waiting for the right moment, please do believe that you should create the right moment and not just wait for it! Believe in yourself!" Maitha of Happy Cloud
"Everything you make or do will not always be exactly what you want it to be or look like but learn from this and keep pushing yourself to progress. Learning what doesn’t work is as valuable as learning what does," Philly Cowdrey
"I feel it's my responsibility as a business owner to be aware of my own impact and try to make educated decisions around running a business from that." Ingrid Bartkowiak
Rockets of Awesome is a direct-to-consumer kids apparel brand, designing and selling over-the-top awesome clothes for real life with kids. We had a conversation with Scott Turner, Chief Customer Officer, to hear how Rockets of Awesome is reinventing the way parents shop for kids.
"...I want to create things that spark joy to me and have others also enjoy it." Mel of Smoleart
"I set out to create wearable stories that provide happiness and comfort, pieces that ignite memories for my customers." Jessica of Jessica de Lotz Jewellry
"We exist to empower business owners and employees to tell their stories and create better businesses," Dan Rowell, Brand Strategist and Director of DSR Branding
"Seeing first hand the waste that the events industry generates can be, at times, overwhelming. As a result, I'm very conscious of our impact on the environment and the work we do," Sarah of Bangin Hangins
"At every stage of our process in the business, we have looked at how we can operate at the most environmentally-friendly, carbon-efficient, and of course, sustainable level possible." Peter, Head Roaster of Farmhand Coffee Roasters
"One day I’d like to have children, and I feel passionate that our generation has a responsibility to protect the planet for these generations to come." Lucy, founder of Toddles
"I wanted to share this with others and produce a candle that not only looked beautiful, but smelled amazing and was free from toxic substances." Christie, founder of Aura Home Scents
"We work hard to create a product line that challenges the preconceived notion of who should wear what." Christopher, founder of Clifton+Leopold
"I’m very passionate about helping people launch brands, and I volunteer quite a bit of my spare time working with young female entrepreneurs to develop their pitches and their business models so that they can proudly + boldly stand behind their ideas and share them with the world," Grant Design
"I want to create a world where fast fashion is but only a dark chapter in the history of humanity. I am here to show the world that a sustainable future doesn’t need to be just a dream, that we can and WILL make it our reality," Joséfa David
'I think as mums we go through so much and we give so much of ourselves, I wanted to do something to give breastfeeding mama a bit of recognition and support/comfort," Ophelie, founder of OMM
"I will always paint because that’s what makes me happy, but making other people happy with something you love to do is the biggest achievement anyone could wish for." Serena of Hoglet & Co.
The Period Company co-founders Sasha Markova and Karla Welch are committed to smashing period stigma through affordable, sustainable period underwear. Read on to hear how this mission shapes decisions across all avenues of their business.
"I wanted people to feel they are getting something thoughtful that felt a little luxurious." Kirsten, founder or Blossom Gift Boxes
We chat with Tessa Ghenender, the founder of Ambert Fort bedding, and hear how she navigates the busy holiday season.
"Our vision is to make the most sustainable and effective reusable face masks on the market to end mask trash." Laura, founder of Ecomask
"You can never please or satisfy everybody, but our supportive community and friends ensure us that we do the right thing," Magda of Gazed
"It’s so important to me to ensure that my values of fun, sustainability, and research-led design come through in all of my work and it’s become the reason my clients come to me!" Amy of Begin Studio
"Every tiny, tiny bit to make this place a better, healthier planet again is important. I wouldn't want to do this business, if I didn't have the opportunity to make it as sustainable as possible," Marie, founder of Blümeli
"My vision is to be a global skincare brand which encourages a conscious culture and to redefine the beauty standards and industry by providing plastic-free products." Katrina, founder of Little Danube
"Sustainability in my brand is important because it’s my way of saying, while I want to provide beautiful and inspiring products, I also want to sustain our beautiful planet!" Sheena, founder of Bklyn Post
"I try to take everyday moments and use them to create cards that are relatable, loveable, and just really human." Ian, founder of Folio
We caught up with The Atelier's co-founders, Taryn Herrit & Angela Osborne, to hear about their masterful foray into the virtual event space.
"I like that there is freedom to rethink or change right now, because so much is uncertain. The uncertainty allows us to open ourselves to possibility, to reframe our purpose in order to fully realize our true DNA as a brand," Chelsea, Founder of SISEA
"Stories are personal, relatable and work to humanise a brand, building a strong emotional connection with the audience," Kailtlyn of Third Ginger Studio
"Sustainability is important to me because packaging is a huge part of the letter mail experience I’m providing. It’s my responsibility to be mindful of the environment and the resources used to run my shop," Rico Suico of Rico Bujo
"We keep moving forward because we want to serve our fellow sisters on this earth the power of a good outfit can go a very long way." Sarah Hamilton, founder of Holen Apparel
"The trees, water, air, and animals that we take for granted each day are all living organisms and should be treated with utmost respect." Jasmin Lee, founder of Duke & Pepper
"I love being able to create art that people can get lost in and feel so intrinsically connected to." Ellie Compton
"Every detail of my business is important to me. Because my vision is to have a completely ethical business, to contribute to a better world for everyone," Mutia Ademola, founder of PKL
"Our vision is to share stories and inspire. We intend to live a purposeful life while being creative and investing our time and passion in value-based endeavors through the Fierce Family," Neda Niaki and Aniseh Sharifi of Fierce Media
Here's how NaturAll Club founder and CEO Muhga Eltigani gets organized for the busy holiday season, without forgetting to give back.
"The reason I started my brand is to spread the word about sustainability and to share my creativity. To show how you can go to a thrift store to keep up with current trends instead of supporting fast fashion brands," Crystal Cali
"Social and environmental issues inspire me to create change and raise awareness, and I’m always working on how to depict this in my designs." Laura of Laura Rose Design
"We wanted to create a brand that stands for all aspects of self-improvement and it all starts with daily self-love." Tatiana & Adriana, founders of Cosmetics by Tatiana
"We want to educate people and show them why it is so important to support ethical beekeepers who care for the environment and not just making profits and exhausting bees." Kate Maters, founder of Maters & Co
"My brand is "a little bit of everything" and I wanted to show that it is okay, the right people or client will appreciate what I do," Ode Pacheco
"We strongly believe in the power of plants to transform a space. Not only are they aesthetically beautiful, they also bring a sense of calm, improve air quality, aid productivity, and strengthen our connection with the natural world." Sophia and Lauren of Leaf Supply
"If I was going to create something, I knew I couldn’t make more waste to just sell a product," Danielle, Founder of Wild Beauty Cosmetics
"We all have a choice, and if we all choose to make better choices, it will have a profound impact on future generations to come." Brynne Cogorno, founder of Backward Prints
The Whalebone Magazine team consistently produce humorous and thought-provoking stories. They share some insights into their operations and their top tips for making creative content.
"I want people to make time for themselves, especially because this year came with so many challenges and uncertainty for everyone." Sophie Turney, founder of Soph's Salts
"Being so closely affiliated with the beach, ocean, and its environmental sustainability is (literally) the air we breathe." Edward, co-founder of Body Spritz
We chat with Lucy Williams from Boundary & Thorn about how she gets organized for the busy holiday season.
"I’m a firm believer in tangible products having a ‘user experience’. It’s not just the end product that should be branded, but thought should be applied across the whole journey," Meredith McRae
"This is our life's passion and it is a commitment to trying to make the world a better place," Augustine and Kasia Caravello, Founders of Pigeon Eco Store
"Being sustainable shouldn’t be an option only for the 1%. It is something that people from all walks of life should participate in, in whatever capacity they can. We’re here to help." Christine Trinh, Founder of Beeja May
"We want to celebrate where we came from; The small-town vibe, a love of nature, and valuing time outdoors were instilled in us while growing up in the Kootenays." Kootz Collective
A talk with Hydrant co-founder, John Sherwin, about getting organized and managing customer expectations during the holiday rush.
"Through flower preservation, I hope to bring more beauty, mindfulness, and appreciation for the slow art form to my clients." Lacie, Founder of Framed Florals
"...making an impact shouldn’t be a one time, big time thing rather it should be a habitual, continuous effort." Jana, founder of The Good Trade
"Art to me is an incredible way to evoke meaning & emotion, and I do this by creating art that represents special moments & memories of peoples lives and the world around us," Adrienne Monteverde
"We value our customers so much and believe that they deserve the very best & that’s what we’re here to provide for them," Sara Cooper, Owner and Co-Founder of Treball Active
"Waste is a design flaw, so if you can figure out a way to reduce it while you produce more stuff to go out in the world, then that can only be a good thing!" Ewa, Founder of Evka Home
"I want my customers to have an amazing bath or shower ritual because on a stressful day, self-care and self-love will help you to move forward and achieve your goals." Narinè, Founder or Apricota Artisan Soaps
We chat with En Casa founder Paula Delapenna about how she navigates the busy holiday season.
"We believe highlighting the beauty in all colors, sizes, and backgrounds are truly what allows a brand to be sustainable all-around." Janice Guo, founder of Rendezvous the Label
"I now understand that it's impossible for your art to be liked by everyone, but I believe that if you are consistent and keep creating art that you love, the right people will eventually find your work and become true advocates!" Zoey, Founder of Cherry and Mint
"The items that I make have to be as useful as they are beautiful." Katie, founder of KT Robbins Ceramics
Richer Poorer creative director Jenny Alaimo talks us through a day in her life, as well as her company's response to the pandemic.
" vision is to help my customers future-proof their faces and draw attention to the dangerous topic of skin cancer." Gemma Lyndon, founder of Raie
"I just love designing and making things, I always have too many ideas and not enough time!" Hannah Davis, Founder of Wolf and Moon
"...we were tired of seeing 'energy' drinks on the market that were filled with artificial colours, caffeine and sugar when we felt that energy should be about fuelling your body to be the healthiest it can be." Florence, co-founder of Chia Sisters
"I aspire to create illustrations which keep you looking for more and leave you with a smile on your face," Kate Illustrate
"The world we live in may sometimes seem terrible, but it's always going to be beautiful! I can’t think of destroying an inch more of it," Giulia Sammarchi of Gihesse Illustration
"I love creating this work that can feel so deeply personal at times, and being able to share it with the world and make connections with others through art," Leanne Shunney
"Let’s all do our best to spread joy, love, and kindness!" Tin, creator of ohmygoles
"We strive to bring economic opportunities to artisanal communities, empower women, and change the fundamentals of the industry by cutting back on waste." Monica and Caroline, founders of Rayu
"I am inspired by the challenges I put on myself, to become a skilled potter, to understand my craft the best I can, and share with others the possibility of a creative life." Nichola, founder of Irene and Edith
Here's how independent illustrator and founder of lovesoup Sai Nitivoranant gets organized for the busy holiday season.
"I love making brands shine for who they are and what they do," Ainsley Jane
"From the beginning, my vision has been simple: To make the world a more colorful place and to make people smile with my playful designs." Isabel, founder of Black Lamb Studio
"We play fair – with people and the environment. Our vision is to keep traditional craftsmanship alive, to inspire and support local manufacturers and community," Marina Marinksi of Marinski Heartmades
"Cards are the keepers of romance & messages from the heart; that's why they should be as memorable as the thoughts they contain," Sophie Amelia
"I am a big advocate for mental health and honestly we are not going to have a sound mind if our world isn't well," Monica Garcia of Monica's Porch
"...being scared is good. It just means you care a lot about what you’re doing." Alisse, founder of The Idle Hands Club
"I have appreciated the little successes and am loving the process of slowly getting myself out there." Catherine of Seocat
"If you wait for everything to be perfect, you will always find an excuse not to do it, so just dive in!" Elena of Paper Motel
“Push on and do your best to live a sustainable life despite the imperfections.“ Saranda, founder of Louve Naturals
" I believe wholeheartedly that all the 'ingredients' in your life matter." Anette, founder of Lip Service Beauty
"Challenges are part of the journey, and I am trying to embrace them." Sabinna Rachimova, founder of SABINNA
Bloomsday head florist Marayke Bouma has a chat about how she gets organized for the busy holiday season.
"Jaune Pop is simply an extension of my way of being and seeing life. And that’s probably why it’s never a chore for me to spend time in my business," Marie-Anne of Jaune Pop
Read on to hear about Jennifer, and the whole Rachel team, take on the holiday season.
"I also would love to be as sustainable a business as possible, because it is our job to make sure there is a healthy world for our kids to explore and if I can do my part, I absolutely will," Emily Barrett of Fox Burrows Designs
"My love for art and the joy that it brings me is what keeps moving me forward," Randi Reed
Little Spoon is disrupting a sleepy, waste-filled industry by creating fresh baby food for kids. Co-founder, president and chief marketing officer Lisa Barnett talks spotting a gap in the market and striving to be a sustainable business.
A conversation with Alternative Creative Director, Heather Devine, around shopping responsibly, and how Alternative has responded during the global pandemic.
"Protecting the environment has always been a theme that runs through everything I do" Emily Ching, Founder of The Wrapping Project
"Be mindful, have fun, and keep trying new coffee along the way." Will and Seth, Founders of Visitor Coffee Roasters
"People say that they come to us for the good vibes and bloody good coffee," Monique Hope of Camp Grounds Tamworth
"It has always been part of my goal to make art accessible to more people and running a shop is one of the things I’ve always loved doing since I was a teenager," Abbey Sy
"...never give up on your dream. It may seem hard at times, but it is so fulfilling." Jasmine and Amanda, founders of Lulu & Milly
"I want to give them some kick-ass headwear options that makes them feel confident and powerful, and ready to take on the cancer world with gusto." Emily Somers, founder of Bravery Co
"I believe that “kawaii” makes the world a happier place," Kaila Ocampo, co-founder of Rainbowholic
"My vision is to create a brand that makes women feel good about themselves with pieces that will adjust to their lifestyle..." Ana Gutierrez, founder and creative director of La Monarch
"I’ve always believed you can achieve anything you want if you want it enough." Anna Lau
"I get energized thinking about how I want to use glōu’s platform to create content that motivates, inspires, and educates creatives on how to live a happy and sustainable lifestyle." Avanti, Founder of glōu
"...seeing how happy and excited they are about the project, it truly helps me remember that this business has a purpose and a vision worth fighting for," Tatiana Ordoñez, Founder and Creative Director of Zuahaza
"When we are in beautiful environments, we are at ease with ourselves, and authentic connection is more possible." Kelsea Olivia, Founder of East Olivia
"I wanted to make a conscious effort to provide a beautiful gifting experience that isn’t overrun with packaging that you can’t reuse or recycle." Jo Cranney, founder of Wattle I Gift
"I think as a brand, it’s important to make the entire experience of opening a box and unwrapping things beautiful." Chantel Camilleri, designer/maker at BON LUX
" and creativity are at the heart of what I do," RuthAnn Rafiq of R Artspace
"We feel that as a business, we have a responsibility to do all that we can to help our consumers become more sustainable." Deimante Valanciunaite, Marketing Manager
"I knew right from the start that if I was building a brand on a mission to create a better future, sustainability was going to be an important pillar of my brand." Faye Tan, Founder of Mama Movement
"I love to imagine the way in which my costumer is going to open the package and find a detail from the beginning, a part of me in his order," Milka Sukno
Mimi Lam is the CEO and co-founder of Superette. She chats about bringing sustainability to the cannabis space and designing an unforgettable and delightful retail experience.
"My brand vision is adventurous, playful, and authentic. These principles help guide my design and also influence my client work," Amy Young
"Sometimes, maintaining who you are, by wearing a certain pair of earrings, or putting your favorite pin on your backpack can make all the difference at the end of the day,” Adele Pentland, Creator of Strange Magic Shop
"I want to show the world that manufactured goods can come from sustainable sources, without costs to human liberty," Tracey Szynkaruk, founder of Matching Tree Apparel
"Shop small , sustainable & with your heart.," Marnie Skillings, Founder
"To me, visual storytelling is best when you can capture a feeling without spelling it out," Lauren Martin
"Always remember why you started and while it’s advisable to keep pace with steady momentum, don’t forget to give yourself a break and get your well-deserved rest. It’s a marathon, not a race," Leah Chong, Founder of Passion Parade Co.
"I’ve been lucky enough to see how art can make people smile, how fashion can make you more confident, and that’s my goal with Rylee & Ink," Rylee Postulo Founder of Rylee and Ink
"I’m inspired by my travels to warm, sandy places; palm trees swaying in the wind, cocktail in hand – just a relaxed lifestyle." Kelsey Davis
"Take everyday as it comes, lean on your friends and family. People love to help and support your passion," Steph Parsons of Peggy and Finn
Manuel de la Cruz is the CEO and Co-founder at Boie USA. We invited Manuel to chat about building a personal care business and community centered on sustainability.
"Empowering women is incredibly important to me; not only by choosing to work with women, but also by promoting body positivity," Sheyla De los Santos, Founder of Salomé
Hello Cup is reimagining a high-waste industry by creating menstrual cups that last for years instead of hours. Co-founder Robyn McLean talks about what it means to be a sustainable founder and the benefits this adds to her business.
"The brilliant thing about working with flowers is that some of the hard work is already done for you - they are already beautiful so you just have to arrange them in a way that shows them at their very best," Graeme Corbett, Founder of Bloom and Burn
"There is always going to be hurdles along the way, but as long as you enjoy and believe in what you do, people will too," Lara Ivachev, Founder of Eat.Me.Do
"I started Lucuma Boutique with the hope of inspiring women to also feel that confidence. I believe self-care plays a huge role in a woman's confidence," Sofia Rocca, Founder of Lucuma Boutique
"I enjoy what I do, despite all the challenges. I'm comfortable with where I'm at right now, and that's precisely why I will keep on going, " Nao, Founder of eggbuttertoast
"I’m always looking for ways to reduce my environmental footprint and having my noissue tissue papers mean that I can now wrap my products in a way that is not only fun, but also sustainable," Sai Nitivoranant, founder of Love Soup
"Having a team is really inspirational; you really can't do everything on your own, it's important to have a support network that can help and be involved!" Amy Crow, Creator of Forge Forward
"It's such a pleasure to be able to see customers fall in love with your product + packaging at first sight," Selah, Founder of Wick and Maple
"With a background in the technical stuff, the science-nerd in me will NOT shut up about sustainability. But the human in me makes it real," Marayke Bouma, Founder of BloomsdayNZ
"I was absolutely thrilled and couldn’t say no to creating something perfect for someone so special to me," Ainslie Macandrew
"I am passionate about making bedding that has a story, mood and lifestyle behind it, versus the mass made cookie-cutter bed linens that are out there now," Tessa Ghenender, Founder of Amber Fort
"We as consumers can change the industry with every purchase, however it's the people making the clothes that need to make the change first," Jamie Dawes, Owner of Fyoocher
We chat to Chicago-based branding studio Knoed about their collaboration with pet-care brand Restly.
"So my main goal is to bring this little piece of my culture and make every Australian sweet tooth fall in love with them and feel happier, one alfajor at a time," Paula DelaPenna, founder of En Casa
Katherine Homuth is the Founder and CEO of Sheertex, the startup behind the world's first pair of unbreakable pantyhose. We invited Katherine to chat brand values, personal sources of inspiration, and how the sustainability has shaped her business decisions.
"All I draw is about simple and mundane everyday pleasures, it's my approach towards life and something I hope gives people a little bit of a smile and a breather so then we can go change things for the best," Viktorija Semjonova
"I love getting to know my clients and finding out what it is that makes them unique. That’s the great thing about small businesses, their personality is real, not cooked up in a boardroom!" Andy Taylor of asafaf
"For us at Nalen Ayurveda, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do."
"In the end, the artwork is an affirmation that we send out to the universe, into our lives, to move forward and feel better," Anais Pierquet, The Plant Lady
"I find creativity definitely inspires creativity, the more you use the more you have!" Sophie of Moon Child Studio
"It never feels right creating art just because you think it will be popular," Kristin Askland
"Don’t wait until everything is perfect, there is always room to make change. It’s just important to get out there and give it a go, if it’s something you really want to do," Kate Saunders, founder of judeandmoo
We chat to design studio Blyss! Here you'll get to know more about the team and their collaboration with Be The Change.
"Our commitment to the environment has been at the core of our values from the very beginning," Cindy Finley, Founder and Creative Director of Weewoollies
"It’s also all about sharing the love for the Planet and getting people inspired and ready to make their own dreams come true!" Melanie Johnsson
We chat to design studio Vanilla Hayes on their work for TravelbagNZ. Read on to find out about their collaboration on custom, branded Tissue and Stickers.
'When you're kind to yourself and others, you just feel better about everything. I think my work reflects that," Lucy Williams founder of Boundary and Thorn
"I've trusted noissue for years for my client's packaging so it just made sense to look there first for packaging for my own brand," Natalie Smith, CEO and Founder of Points of Measure
"We work closely with our clients to solidify and streamline their brand experience so they can get back to focusing on growth," Danielle Tobin
"...and that had me thinking: nature doesn’t need us, but we need nature. We must do our best to take care of it before it’s too late," Lucía Gómez, founder of Sinipesa Swim
"Hearing compliments from offline events and online reviews sure make me happy, but not as happy as seeing my own products being used in real life," Praphavint Saprungruang, Founder of Been Bean Shop
"We believe your brand design should be powerful enough to speak on its own, but in order to do so, it needs to be created with purpose and strategy," AnnaKate of Rhema Design Co.
"My advice to others is to never dream harder than you work!" Sarah Simon, The Mint Gardener
"I still have a long way to go to being a completely sustainable business, and I've already identified areas where things could be improved, but it is normal to constantly develop your existing processes," Olya, Founder
"As someone who is very environmentally motivated, knowing that I have contributed to the planting of more trees whilst designing a brand is a very special feeling!" Greg Davies
"My current aim is to share work that can be comforting and relatable as well as highlighting the things that I feel passionate about," Holly Maguire
"My biggest piece of advice for others who want to start their own business is to start small and grow from there," Ragon Dickard
"There's nothing we love more than working with innovators, change-makers, and purpose-driven businesses to help them kick design goals and do things they are passionate about," Sylvie Veit, Founder
"That intersection of childhood nostalgia and capturing today’s moments is all the inspiration I need," Lauren White, Owner of White Loft
"I figured if I'm going to contribute to this world in some small way, it needs to leave the Earth unharmed," Alisa Ellis, Founder of the Rock Block Shop
"I’m all about the creative community and us being a bit of a team so it makes me really happy," Kelly Thompson
"My vision is to bring people together through beautiful paper," La Rue Pulido, Founder of Little Carabao Studio
"It brings me so much joy when people tell me my art has made them smile, brightened up their mood, or gave them inspiration to be creative," Fei, Founder of Mochamochicake
“I’ve done research into the environmental impact of online shopping, and as the owner of a direct-to-consumer brand, I want to keep my burden on the environment as light as possible,” Erin Erenberg, Founder of Totum Women
"I am grateful that I am able to sell my art as products. Every sale brings me closer to my goal," Chelsea van Egmond, Founder of Join the Creative Side
"It shouldn’t matter how long it takes to create something beautiful; so what if it isn’t “in”? As they say, good things take time," Alxdra Cook
We chat to design studio Surface Love Studio on their work for ceramics maker Biddy Pots. Read on to hear how they collaborated on custom, branded Tissue and Tape.
"My brand is all about cuteness and happy vibes and noissue packaging helped me to tie that all together in one big happy package for my costumers." Becky Castañeda, Founder of BeckyCas
"Our only advice so far is to be patient and just keep making things you believe should exist in the world!" Hillery Powers, Founder of Little Known Goods
"It's about getting little bits of joy out of everyday things." Brighid McCaffrey, Founder of Biddy Pots
"I believe that my work is able to gain traction because I am not only a seller of artwork, but also a seller of fun shopping experiences where people await receiving their one of a kind orders with anticipation," Claudia Lam, Founder of The Forest Mori
"I envisioned my brand to be all things but petite." Demie Liew, Founder of Petite Paper Co.
"We wrap everything we send out in tissue and seal our postal boxes with beautiful tape and stickers- we want the ‘wow’ factor when each box is opened." Oonagh Simms, Founder of The Marshmallowist
"Of course, there is always more we can do—but we like that noissue is helping us get there." April Worley, Founder
"Custom packaging is what distinguishes my brand from another! Making something cohesive and colorful totally sets the mood for my products and the ethos I want to put forward." Emily Small, Owner of Beetle Ink Co.
"Miska Bags means thinking outside of the box, expressing my voice, fighting single-use plastic, learning about myself, connecting with other creative people and so much more." Miška, Founder of Miska Bags
"Life is pretty crazy for most people these days, we pack our orders with love and care. We hope it allows people to pause and enjoy the experience and subsequently the products they’ve ordered." Ingrid, Founder of Clementine Fields
Specializing in display and store fit outs, we chat to one of the founders of George & Willy for some tips on what retailers and cafes should consider when curating their space and in-store experience.
"I knew I found something I would love in those first few stitches." Amanda, founder
"Starting my own business was never an intentional thought or goal. I knew I wanted freedom in what I was designing and who I was working with. After several years of working in the fashion industry, I left my corporate job to start freelancing so that I could experience new opportunities.” “I reached out to friends and discussed ideas for collaboration and slowly started to develop my style and techniques. I tend to take inspiration from daily life and experiences. Living here in New York City
“We want the experience to be as good as it possibly can be, from the moment our customer purchases to when it lands on their doorstep.” Becky Okell, co-founder.
"Now my illustrations are on the packaging as well as in, and it feels even more special shipping my work out to people.” Rachael Bazley, founder and illustrator.
"Now when we send out a package, the fact that it’s 100% biodegradable makes us feel good knowing that it will not be left behind afterward." Beth Nicholson Crago, founder.
“I get really excited when I receive a nice, well-packaged product and I wanted to recreate that for others.” Emily Canino, founder.
"I don’t want customers to have to choose between a product they love and a product that is sustainable - I want the product to be both!" Christen Irwin, founder.
"The unboxing experience is very important to us, as we want our community to have a memorable experience with such a loved product." Cathryn Wills, founder.
"There is a LOT of waste in the coffee world, and I knew if I were to enter this industry, I needed to do it differently." Troy Goldthorp, founder.
Eco-friendly custom packaging company noissue has teamed up with leading fashion resale platform Poshmark to decrease the amount of plastic used in shipping secondhand clothing and goods across North America.
"My products are not fast fashion. They are well constructed, classic styles meant to last a lifetime." Sarah Saeli, founder.
"When I was putting together my subscription box concept, I knew I wanted something that would make the box stand out in the mail." -Jess DeVos, founder and designer.
"Supporting you and the planet from top to bottom." -Amanda and Katie McCourt
"On even the dullest of days, being wrapped up in my favorite vintage coat with a fuzzy pink faux fur collar makes me feel like there is still a bit of magic left in the day." Rachel South, founder.
"Custom packaging helps to create a cohesive brand that is instantly recognisable by the customer. Plus, it looks great on the 'gram!” Eleanor Longhurst, founder.
"When you receive a package from a brand that has worked hard on its packaging and is personalized, you feel so much more special!" Alja Horvat, Artist.
“I had seen other small online shops using custom tissue paper from noissue — I thought it would be a great way to make my orders feel more special and unique, and also cut down on packing time!” Cheyenne Barton, illustrator
"Branded tissue paper is such a fun addition to branded packaging, and with Hannah's generous spirit and frequent gift-giving, it just made sense for her to have custom tissue paper to jazz up her gifting and mailing game." Melissa Yeager, brand designer.
"When you buy and wear a Little Chicago t-shirt, you’re taking that step toward revitalizing your community." Margaret Moneypenny, General Manager.
"For me, sustainability means that I am mindful in my growth. It means that I make decisions that cause the least amount of harm for myself, for others, and for the environment.” Alauna Whelan, Founder
“I wanted to give my customers something really beautiful and special for the holidays." Erin McManness, founder and illustrator.
"With SHOWFIELDS, we envisioned a space that would ‘flip the formula’ and create a model that is entirely focused on the consumer experience and the brand therein." Sydney Taub, Marketing Manager.
Black Friday and Cyber Monday might be the giants of the holiday season, but Small Business Saturday still attracts vast numbers of consumers to celebrate 'shopping local'. Our Small Business Saturday 2022 guide tells you everything you need to know.
“When my community sees TERRA-TORY, I want them to think of a brand that bridges the gap between effective skincare and sustainability.” Kimberly Waldropt, founder.
"Overall, we found the process of designing the tissue paper, as well as the wider packaging experience, to be incredibly fun and a true representation of the fun, cheeky and daring organisation that we are!" Chloe, Founder.
We design womenswear for fellow advocates of modern craft, whose loyalties lie within quality workmanship and traceability.” Rosie Drake-Amery, Founder.
"I wanted to create a brand identity that looked minimal and sleek - a skincare line that you wouldn't even know is natural by looking at the packaging design." TaraLee, Founder.
“Our mission at Casa Xaviera is to create beautiful, functional paper products that help us to get organized.” Jone Larragain, Founder
"I’ve tried step by step to reduce plastic, so this is the reason I choose noissue's custom tissue paper to wrap my orders!" Laura Lhuillier, illustrator.
"Custom packaging is where you can really get your personality across; this is not another generic online purchase, a real person designed and packaged this item with love!" Jacqueline Colley, Founder.
“We are industrial and botanical, and that is very up my street!” Jodie, Founder
"It’s obvious that there is a growing demand for sustainable fashion, and I envision KIMKINI to be a major source of trendy vegan swimwear.” Kimberley Champlin, Founder.
“Our vision is to be Africa's first sustainable online retailer of gardening, home, and outdoor lifestyle brand that is deeply rooted in the celebration of nature for the modern city dweller.” Teresa Lubano, Founder and Creative Director.
"I want customers to know that what they’re buying will last, and that fashion is there to be respectfully treasured and not to be kept for just one season." Sophie Cull-Candy, Designer and Founder
"We wanted to offer our customers the option of having their orders wrapped up beautifully in an eco-friendly custom tissue paper - made by a company who also gives back!” Dasha Roth, co-founder.
"The aim of our business is to create unique, high quality and detail-orientated products that stand out from the flooded fast fashion market." Ana Maria Perez Saldias, Founder.
"For me, sustainability means to create a lifestyle that reflects a love for the earth, to learn and to teach others about how we can live at a lower cost to our earth." Jazz, Founder.
"I really wanted our unboxing process to be so special, and having custom tissue paper adds to the quality, individuality, and the voice of our brand.” Natalie, Founder.
"We know that the core of our success starts with customer satisfaction and building loyalty with our customers. The challenge at Purematcha is to set up the right impression straight out of the box (literally!).” Steve Fambo, Founder.
"You only have one chance to make a killer first impression. To do this, I always pay extra attention to the details." Angie Chua, Founder.
"The overall environmental principle guiding my work is that if one is more familiar with something, the more likely it is they will love it and ultimately protect it." Piera Cirefice, Illustrator.
"Today's HOMOCO is me bringing that family brand back and embracing my queer community at the same time.” Daniel DuGoff, Designer and Founder.
"It’s unique, eye-catching and appealing to children and adults alike. Children get very excited when they see this box arrive at their door!” Tanya Hodgson, Founder.
"We are starting to see people opening their apron box/package and documenting the experience on social media to comment on how much they love it, which is amazing for us to see." Sarah and Lorcan Quinn, Co-founders
"In today’s digital world, my goal is to create exciting, tangible, and memorable keepsakes that connect the sender to the receiver.” Ayla Pena, Founder.
"We hope to add more custom tissue designs in future themes such as Coastal, Jurassic, Afternoon Tea, Dreamcatcher… you name it, it’s probably on the list!” Charlotte Allen, Founder.
Things easily get overwhelming when you are fulfilling all of your own orders! As a small business, there are pros and cons to DIY fulfillment. Illustrator Eva Stalinski tells us about her order fulfillment strategy, and how she makes the experience special for her customers.
What does it mean to put together a stellar unboxing as a small business? We speak to Tiffany Staten of London Grant Co. about how she creates a memorable experience for her customers.
"Whenever I open something customized it speaks to the level of professionalism, care, and just makes the experience more fun!" Ashley Mary, Artist and Founder.
“We spent a lot of time narrowing down exactly what we wanted Sightsee to represent, and we try to hold every branding decision up to that definition.” Joel Sadler and Allyson Sutton, Founders
"People love feeling special and that they’ve bought something unique, and using custom tissue paper does just that!” Michelle Kreussel, Founder
"You could have the best product or service, but without the visual it won't garner the attention it deserves." —Melissa Smith, Founder/Candlemaker
“Great packaging gives a more complete look to a product, and definitely prepares a customer for something made with love, just for them.” Zina Nedelcheva, Founder.
"It’s so important for our customers to have a lasting and positive first impression when they open their YEVU." Anna Robertson, Founder.
"We are aiming to make this unboxing experience still exciting without heavily increasing the costs for the end customer." Moritz Braatz, Founder.
“Once we discovered more about the ethos behind the products, as well as how great the products were, we ordered more custom tissue for our shop!” Yiyang Wang, Founder.
"It’s incredibly important that we stay true to our edit and communicate a very clear brand vision to our customers each season." Jessica Neil, Founder
"We knew one of the ways to impress our customers was with well thought-out packaging that could provide that special experience.” Ricardo Aviles, Founder.
“My lovely custom tissue paper just ties everything together and adds that little something extra to my packages. It makes my brand even more cohesive and recognizable!” Nina Stajner, Illustrator
"We’ve always stayed true to our original vision at & FOR LOVE: authentic style, effortless cool, and discarding all the traditional bridal rules." Angel Spendlove, co-founder
“My vision is to see my comfortable, generous and well-fitting basics satisfying the sartorial needs of busy mums.” Bianca Latorre, founder.
"I realized I could give back to the environment and create a business at the same time doing what I love most." Carys Martin, founder and ceramicist
"The most sustainable attitude would be to put nature first, and not our consumption or the growth of our economy." Nellianna van den Baard, co-founder.
"I have been hand-making cards for my friends and family since I could hold a pencil." Taylor Hamilton, Founder.
"What is bought should be well-loved, and not a throwaway piece once the day is finished." Natalie Low, Founder.
“My vision for my company is to bring the beauty of hand lettering to everyday life, as well as to special moments.” Doris Wai, Founder
At noissue, we are proud to have some truly kick-ass mothers in our customer base, running successful eCommerce operations whilst also raising families. We talked with five noissue customers and ‘mompreneurs’ about what being a mother and a small business owner means to them.
“We believe it’s important to partner with businesses who are conscientious and efficient.”
“Taking the time to incorporate sustainability into your business is not only the right thing to do for the planet, but it shows you are being attentive to your customer's values too.” Cynthia Wagner, Foudner
“My brand is a true representation of the fun and feminine vibes I want my customers to feel.” Sarina Shaw, Founder.
"We focus on modernizing classic patterns so they appeal to the modern mom.” Shannon Latham, Founder and CEO.
“We take huge inspiration from nature. We believe that our products should be good for the environment too.” Rosa Uchima, Creative Director
The fashion industry is responsible for an unbelievable amount of waste. So, how do we tackle this problem? We speak to Daniela Groza, one of the founders of the R Sustainable Fashion Show, about how a 'circular' fashion economy could be the answer.
“Sustainability is threaded throughout our business, from our ingredients to our packaging.” Caroline Morey, Marketing Director
“The ethos behind Mini-Cycle is a business model that takes into consideration not only profit, but also people and the environment.” Jad Robitaille, Founder
“It’s so much a part of my lifestyle that it was a no-brainer to create a product that is completely eco-friendly.” Emma Gash, Founder
"I'm so excited to finally have the custom packaging I have been envisioning for so long, because it adds a layer of fun to my offerings!" Ali MacDonald, Founder
"I now have a whole packaging system that’s in total alignment with the ethos of my brand - to be beautiful, sustainable and able to be recycled or repurposed." Pascale Hennessey, Founder
"I wanted to challenge the common misconceptions about Africa and its people through beautiful design, entrepreneurship and creative talent." Audrey Migot-Adholla, Founder
“We're making conscious, customer-driven choices that help to define what sustainable luxury is.” Katrina Sellers, Founder
“We craft for those who are proud of their heritage, and those who give reverence to their traditions.” Myey Moens, Co-founder
“I really wanted to produce something locally where I could minimise the impact on the environment.” Jenica Smith, Founder and Designer
"People love opening their packages and seeing their orders wrapped with extra thought and love." Steffi Lynn, Founder
“We believe it’s important to appreciate the little things, and that means having a great respect for the limited resources of our small planet.” Siming, Founder
“We are working to open the doors for honest communication about death, illness, and other major life transitions.” Kellyn Shoecraft, Co-founder
“It’s important to stay true to yourself and your beliefs, no matter how much you grow and how much you change as a business.” Karla Schumann, Founder
“We decided to give our dream a go whilst we had the opportunity and before we went back to full-time work. We have never looked back!” Francesca Kelly and Marianna Doyle, Co-founders
“I built my own website, had a few doodles turn into prints, created stationery and BAM! I had started my online business.” Kelly Brooks, Founder
“I want to create things that bring people joy, and provide an opportunity for people to be represented who don’t often see themselves reflected in art.” Meenal Patel, Founder
“We both have a dark sense of humor, so we love to create gifts that are a little bit shocking and brutally honest!" Lauren and Shauna, Co-founders
“We call ourselves a stationery company, but at our core we are a company of designers, innovators and trendsetters.” Kirsten Jacobsen, Senior Designer
“To be honest, I never initially thought of it as a business - I just really wanted to learn the craft.” Michaela McBride, Founder
Corporate gift bundles have really taken off in recent years, and with good reason. For one, it's a fantastic way to show your employees or clients how much you value them. It also takes away the stress of organizing so that you can focus on what matters most: your business!
“I think the creative process by definition is a bit like wandering: ideas come and go, until one day the connection is made and everything makes perfect sense.” Ana Peixoto Almeida, Founder
“We realized the world needed more custom paper crafts with heart and humor, and we were ready to create them!” Cathy and Olivia, Co-founders
“My online shop is a place where I can experiment and make artwork which expresses my personal identity.” Laura Sheldon, Founder and designer
“My vision has always been to create fresh, authentic, hand-printed textiles that fit seamlessly into other people’s lives with function and style.” Paula Lukey, Founder and Designer
“I believe that curating your personal space with lovely things can have the power to inspire you, motivate you, and bring a sense of joy that is contagious.” Faye Hurley, Founder
“The reason I started the Laundry Day brand initially was because I felt there were no products in this category that represented my aesthetic and identity.” Victoria Ashley, Founder
“Attention to detail and thriving on perfection in every aspect of our business is key to our brand identity.” Anaïs and Clémence, Co-Founders
“My main goal with what I do is to focus on work that celebrates friendship, diversity, humor, love, fun, and positivity.” Kim Sielbeck, Illustrator
“It’s important to me that everything I make is unique and full of happiness. When a buyer opens one of my parcels I want the experience to be one of total delight." Anna Carroll Smith, Founder.
“Branding is very important to me; it’s such a crowded marketplace that you really have to go that extra mile to stand out.” Laura Park, Founder
“The main focus for our pieces from the beginning is to always have bold prints but on really simple styles. We find it's a safe combination and people seem to love it!" Kate Russell and Chloe Rowe, Co-founders and designers
“We are passionate about bringing life back to print as a medium through beautiful design and simple functionality.” Matt and Petra Salvatore, Founders
"We have four guiding values – strive for quality, have purpose, champion independents, think out of the ordinary." Sam Patterson, Co-Founder
"I couldn’t find the jewelry I wanted to wear, so I set out to create jewelry that would be unique and also more affordable." Ashley Massey, Founder and Designer
"It was there, in that tiny blank slate of space, that I fell in love with handmade home décor." Alyssa Thiel, Founder
"I believe that handwork and time are the new luxuries in our digital world." Anna Sarcletti, Founder and Art Director
"The colors of the collection vary per season and because of that we wanted a stable color palette for our branding" Evy Paap, Founder and Designer
"Brand presentation is key to us from the look of the store, right down to the ribbon used." Megan Piper, Business Manager
"My objective is for the customer to feel that coming to the shop is not just worth the trip, but is a trip worth taking." Tracy, Third Generation Owner
"When we first decided to open Pinky’s, branding was something we both felt needed a lot of attention." —Megan Piper, Business Manager
"Graphic design is all about visuals and aesthetics, so it is great to have a platform that is also purely based on aesthetics to showcase my work." —Paige Tuzée, Owner/Designer
"We feel like branding and image is a huge part of an retail business. It’s all about the look and presentation of the product." —Vanessa Boyd, Owner
"I have a wonderful relationship with our graphic designer but sometimes it's also fun to be able to play with the concepts yourself on your own laptop with a glass of red after work!" —Aimee Kendall, Founder/Designer
This is a shout out to all of the wonderful mothers out there. Safe to say you've been there for a lot, helping us with our homework and again when it's time to set up our homes; coaching us on the soccer field, and on the field of life; and maybe one day making our metaphors a little bit better. Ellie Bullen, Jocelyn Closs, and Barbara Licuria share what 'mom' means for them. Ellie Bullen, Founder of The Wholesome Store Q: How would you describe your mother? A: My mum is very strong, a good s
"It's what I love doing and I want to see the company remain a place where we work as a tight knit team that really truly enjoy coming to work everyday." —Ilana Kohn, Founder/Designer
"When I started JoJo Rings I made sure that giving back would be a guiding principle of the business." —Jordan Richichi, Founder
"A brand is more than just a logo, identity product or place. It's a gut feeling, an affinity, an idea someone wants to be a part of. It's why people buy into you. It's why people buy you." —Valerie Gnaedig and Annie Lenon, Founders/Creative Directors
"I have always been drawn to the simple complexity of the T-shirt; how it withstands time and trends while consistently maintaining relevancy and modernity." —Abby Moriarty, Founder/Creative Director
"The clients I work with already think of brand presentation as one of their business strategies. They trust me and my design process to create brands that emotionally connect with potential buyers and win over them as long-term partnerships." —Brigit Kang, Creative Director
"After opening our retail store on Canal Street in NYC we wanted to make the buying experience as good as it can be for our customers." —Kiel Mead, Director
"Our stationery table and displays are instantly instagrammable, and we love it when customers talk about us online with photos they've taken in store." —Sarah Holmes, Owner
"It was the true need for pet products that are functionally designed talking points, rather than an eye sore." —Karen and Hanneke, Co-Founders
"We believe that business comes down to two things: people and communication." —Ellen Newman, Co-Founder
"As technology adapts and changes we become busier and busier with less time to thank people, foster and build our relationships." —Olivia Bollen
"I wanted to create an offering of carefully curated gifts that all complimented each other." —Lauren Lance
"I was tired of fashion/retail being exclusionary and very conceptual." —Whitney Goodman
"By choosing pattern and repetition as our narrative visual elements, our audience can discover a new storytelling experience." —Chiara and Spiros, Founders
"Stationery gives us all a chance to take a moment and write something as simple as 'I was thinking about you today.' Getting a hand-written note these days is unique and a special moment for anyone." —Richele Syliva, Founder
"It's the attention to detail in everyday objects that sometimes get overlooked that can often lead to a better product, performance or attitude in the workplace." —Maxine Thompson, Founder
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Eco-Alliance Member Benefits
Become a member of our alliance and join a worldwide community
Contribute to Reforestation
Plant a tree with every order you make and contribute to global reforestation!
Get access to Rewards
Gain access to promotions and member perks, like the opportunity to be featured on our online publication The Wrap.
Be Part of a Community
Join like-minded businesses who are making a difference together. Keep up to date with community initiatives and news!