Product Highlight - Product Boxes & Custom Pouches


Enhance every package with noissue recyclable and compostable tissue paper. Add logos or patterns for sustainable product gift wrapping made easy.
Need packaging ASAP? We’ve got you covered with express delivery options.
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What is noissue tissue paper packaging made from?Our tissue paper for packaging is partially made with recycled material, with at least 30% of each sheet seeing new life again. The remainder comprises of acid-free virgin pulp derived from responsibly sourced wood. Our paper is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), so when you print with us, you know your packing isn’t harming the world’s forests. We use soy-based ink, making it easy to safely recycle or compost the paper tissue at home after use.
What is the best type of tissue paper for packing?noissue offers three types of recycled tissue paper to enhance how you package your items, each customizable to match your brand aesthetics. Choose our bestselling custom-printed tissue paper with up to two solid colors, perfect for designs with simple repeating patterns or your logo. Show your brand in its full glory with our full-coverage multi-colored tissue paper. Or try our kraft tissue paper for a natural, minimalistic look. Please note that our white single-color tissue paper is slightly lighter than our multi-color and kraft options, though they are all fully fit for packing.
Is noissue tissue paper recyclable?Yes! noissue tissue wrapping paper is partially made from recycled material and is also fully recyclable. We print your custom tissue paper design with soy-based inks that are easier to remove in the recycling process than petroleum-based ink. Order noissue tissue knowing you can confidently recycle it at home or commercially. Make your product gift wrapping more sustainable with our compostable and recyclable tissue paper today!
How is noissue tissue compostable?noissue FSC-certified paper tissue can easily be composted at home or commercially. It is acid-free, sulphur-free, and lignin-free, meaning it has no elements that cause harm to the environment or are difficult to break down. The soy-based ink we use also lets your custom-wrapping tissue paper fully compost without generating waste or toxins.
What can noissue tissue be used for?Tissue paper, one of the lightest papers available, is fantastic for product and gift wrapping. Use it to give a branded boost to flowers, clothes, home goods, beauty products, and more! Tissue wrapping paper also helps pad boxes for fragile items or items with an odd shape while providing a classier touch than alternatives such as bubble wrap. At a low price per piece, it is an affordable, sustainable way to protect your products and offer customers an unforgettable unboxing experience.
How can I make custom tissue paper to match my brand?Turn your logo into a pattern to strengthen your brand presence with our custom logo tissue paper. Or upload your own artwork and create an interesting background for your products to stand out. Use single solid colors to make a statement or multiple colors for extra flair. Whatever you design, know that your noissue paper tissue packing will wow your customers as they unwrap their boxes, making your brand one to remember!
Where can I buy bulk tissue paper?If you require a tissue paper supplier who can print all the custom packaging you need for your store, noissue has you covered. We handle bulk tissue paper orders with a low minimum of 250 sheets and no set maximum. Easily buy the amount of paper you want with our quantity selector on the ordering page. Need more than what’s listed? We’ll provide a free price quote. Remember, the more wrapping tissue paper you buy, the more you save per piece on the total price.
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