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Tape & Dispensers

Seal your packages in style with noissue’s custom tape options! Custom tape serves both a decorative and useful purpose in packaging by branding the outside and sealing it closed for safety. Our tapes use non-toxic adhesives and can be composted or recycled after use.
Need packaging ASAP? We’ve got you covered with express delivery options.
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How do you load a tape dispenser with noissue Tape?Load up our Tape Dispenser or Curby Tape Dispenser for quick and easy taping with noissue Custom Tape! Both are packing tape dispensers that are compatible with paper or gummed tape. For the noissue Tape Dispenser, simply remove the sponge on the dispenser and add water to the reservoir. Place the sponge back in to absorb the water, load up your tape, and pull it through the rollers! For our Curby Tape Dispenser, remove the lower tank to fill it with water, then insert it back into the dispenser. Load your packing tape, press down on the dispensing lever until you reach your desired tape length, then press on the cutting lever for the final finish!
What makes noissue Tape eco-friendly?noissue Tape is made from 100% FSC-certified recycled paper, making it fully compostable! You’re also able to recycle your noissue Tape curbside. We use non-toxic water-based adhesive and CMYK soy-based inks on your custom Tape design, so you can compost or recycle without worrying about the environmental impact.
How does the noissue Curby Tape Dispenser differ from the noissue Tape Dispenser?Wondering which dispenser works best with water-activated tape? Lucky for you, both the noissue Curby Tape Dispenser and standard Tape Dispenser are compatible with water-activated tape! The Curby Tape Dispenser differs from the standard Tape Dispenser by having a removable refillable water reservoir, and features a dispensing lever to help you get the right amount of tape, every time. Our standard noissue Tape Dispenser is a pull-and-tear dispenser with a refillable water reservoir built in for the sponge applicator.
How do I use the noissue Pressure Sensitive Tape Dispenser?There’s no pressure on you when using the noissue Reusable Pressure Sensitive Tape Dispenser! This handheld packing tape dispenser is compatible with noissue Pressure Sensitive Tape only. Available in both widths, you can quickly and easily apply our Compostable Self-Adhesive Kraft Tape to boxes and mailers. Load up the solid steel frame of the dispenser with your self-adhesive tape, adjust the tension brake to your liking, and start taping away!
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