Product Highlight - Product Boxes & Custom Pouches


Elevate your brand and seal in freshness with style and sustainability in stand-up pouches. They’re fully customizable and recyclable or compostable.
Need packaging ASAP? We’ve got you covered with express delivery options.
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What’s the difference between compostable and recyclable stand-up pouches?When placed in a suitable composting environment, our compostable stand-up pouches will break down into natural elements, while recyclable stand-up pouches can be reprocessed into new materials. No matter which pouch type you prefer, it’s a win for the planet. Both options are sustainable superstars for your packaging needs - helping you ditch the plastic guilt and embrace a greener future.
How do I choose the right stand-up pouch for my product?Choosing a suitable stand-up pouch is about showcasing your product and delighting your customers. Let noissue help you create the perfect package with some of these amazing options -


  • Tear notches for easy opening.
  • A press-to-close zipper for keeping products fresh.
  • Round or sombrero hang holes for eye-catching displays.
  • Side gussets for expanded capacity.
  • A one-way degassing valve for preserving the freshness of coffee beans and grinds.
  • Transparent windows for visibility or clouded for mystery.
  • Spouts for mess-free dispensing of liquids and easy resealing.


  • Select either a recyclable or compostable pouch to package your goods.
  • Browse our pouch sizes and dimensions to find the perfect fit for your product.
  • Order a minimum quantity of 5000 units and scale up as needed.
  • Customize with your own design — print your logo, ingredients, messaging, and more.
  • Choose a matte or gloss finish.
noissue custom packaging is made for eco-conscious brands who love creating great designs - without the wastage. Design your stand-up pouch today and join the eco-conscious packaging revolution!
Are all noissue pouches FDA-compliant for food packaging?Absolutely! Pack your food in a noissue stand-up pouch with peace of mind. All noissue custom pouches are proudly FDA-compliant, meeting the strictest standards for food packaging safety. So, whether you're storing delicious cookies, roasted nuts, or aromatic coffee beans, rest assured they're housed in stand-up pouches that prioritize safety and sustainability. Our packaging is good for you, good for the planet, and good for your brand.
What kinds of items can I store in stand-up pouches?

noissue stand-up pouches are versatility legends. These pouches can handle everything from food essentials like tea bags, coffee grounds, sweet or salty snacks, and pet treats to frozen food. The expandable gusset ensures a flawless fit, while a resealable zipper locks in freshness. But their uses extend beyond edibles! Stand-up pouches are also great for keeping supplements potent and DIY beauty products looking their best. So, no matter what you need to pack, we have a stand-up pouch to suit.

Can I add viewing windows in my custom paper pouches?Yes! Level up your custom stand-up pouches by adding viewing windows. Select a clear window for the full display of your products, or opt for a frosted window for a tantalizing hint of what lies within while maintaining freshness and product integrity. Printing your logo, artwork, and message creates a unified and memorable packaging experience that resonates with customers long after your stand-up pouch leaves the shelf. Unleash your creativity! Explore the possibilities of recyclable or compostable stand-up pouches with viewing windows. It's a win-win for sustainability and brand impact.
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