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Coffee Bags

Deliver fresh roasts in noissue custom coffee bags. Choose from recyclable or compostable coffee packaging and different seal types.
Need packaging ASAP? We’ve got you covered with express delivery options.
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Are personxxi.comffee bags recyclable?

Yes! personxxi.comffee bags are crafted with the planet in mind. Our coffee packaging is 100% recyclable or compostable. Purchase our stand-up coffee pouches to store your ground coffee or roasted coffee beans to keep your coffee fresh while contributing to a greener world. noissue bags offer the perfect blend of functionality and environmental responsibility — a win-win for your brand and the planet!

Where can I add my logo on a custom coffee bag?

With noissue custom coffee packaging, the canvas for showcasing your brand is as vast as your coffee flavor profiles. Our natural kraft and white paper bags are printed with soy-based, FDA-approved inks to help your product stand out without compromise. To customize your coffee bag with your logo, upload your design or collaborate with our in-house designers. Use Pantone or CMYK colors to create a packaging masterpiece and a bespoke customer experience.

What sizes of custom coffee bags are available?

Whether you’re a small cafe owner or a large coffee roaster, noissue has a variety of sizes to suit your needs. You can opt for popular coffee bag sizes, ranging from 8 oz to 32 oz bags, or select custom sizing to ensure your packaging is as tailored as your coffee blends. Select your preferred seal type that creates a protective barrier to shield your coffee from external elements such as oxygen, light, moisture, and odors. Shop our range of resealable, heat-sealed, pocket zipper and tin tie roll top pouches to showcase your brand and keep your product fresh. noissue helps your coffee shine, one bag at a time!

What’s different with recyclable vs compostable coffee bags?

When it comes to packaging coffee, recyclable and compostable coffee bags offer unique benefits. Recyclable coffee bags are designed to be collected and processed through existing recycling systems, reducing landfill waste and lessening the environmental impact of discarded packaging. Compostable products are made from organic materials that can naturally break down in a composting environment. Both options align with eco-friendly practices, allowing you to package your coffee with a conscience and minimize your product's impact on our planet.
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